Is the Lockerbie debacle impacting on Scots in the US?

The burdz nest is filled by a Big Yin – a strapping, rugby playing 18 year old – and a Boy Wonder – a whirlwind 7 year old going on 17.   But the nest has been a bit roomier this summer with the Big Yin currently stateside working his feathers off at a summer camp experience for disadvantaged and disabled children.

He’s in New York state, close to Syracuse.   Where so many of the young people killed in the Lockerbie bombing attended university.  Since then, close links have been established between Dumfries and Galloway Council and Syracuse, including a scholarship to the university from young folk to the area.  All part of the healing process.  The Big Yin was actually born and bred in this part of Scotland.

So you might think he has heard a lot of chatter about the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the Senators’ attempts to hold a hearing and call Scottish Ministers to account? 

Nope, not a murmur.  Not on folks’ radars.   At all.

In fact, the Big Yin has just spent the weekend playing in the 17th annual Can Am rugby tournament  at Saranac Lake, the biggest tournament in the US.

For Syracuse University Alumni Association no less.   

Any hesitation at welcoming him into their team because he is Scottish?   Apparently not.   Especially as he has helped them into the final of their division, and hopefully to championship victory. 

So while politicians and media on both sides of the Atlantic are whipping up a maelstrom of indignation over the release of the Lockerbie bomber and who did what to whom in the process, it would appear that ordinary Americans and Scots are getting on with life, sharing common interests and pleasures and enjoying a relationship that is as special as it has always been.   And as it should be. 

A lesson there for the main protagonists in this debacle, methinks.


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  1. Methinks:

    The world would be a better place without politicians, who no matter what their politics, in general, are only interested in their own agenda/ego/interest. Yes I know there are a few honest workers for the people. A few.

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