Frazzled by fringe technology

The burd is sans chicklet this weekend.  Doesn’t happen very often.  And my summer resolution is to be less of an atypical festival resident ie avoiding it like the plague and for once, to embrace its wildly eclectic charms.  Though I still reserve the right to tut and moan about all the people everywhere, especially when it makes my bus journey home from work a two hour endeavour.

So here was the perfect opportunity to treat myself to a big night oot at the Festival.  And even better, to be out after dark, doing normal grown up stuff.

Two hours later I’m booked.  Tempest, Under Milkwood, David Leddy’s Sub Rosa, thanks for asking.

Yep two hours.  I used the “official Edinburgh Festivals website” (click on the link above).  Booking for the International Festival event was a dawdle.  Booking for the Fringe an absolute nightmare.  Search functions that scramble when you try to navigate back and forth between show listings.  Erroneous information posted about two of the shows I looked at, necessitating phone calls to the venues to check them out.  Filters that take ages to load and then return to the start when you navigate away from them.  Oh and nothing opens in separate windows.

Finally, there is a different ticket host from the international festival meaning two separate bookings and of course two sets of charges.  So just what is the point of having a single portal for the festivals if when you come to part with your dosh, you are sent in different directions.  One portal, one paypoint.  Please.

Worse, I am now going to have incorporate an hour’s queuing at two separate box offices to obtain said tickets.  Not the ideal way to start my Big Festival Nicht Oot. 

But hey ho done now.  And I am looking forward to it.

Next year?  I’ll be attaching myself to one of the many big groups of Italians around – they seem to know what they are doing.   Or I could always return to the default resident setting of pretending none of it is happening.


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  1. UPDATE! Email confirmation arrived!! Can now collect tickets, heading to queue now….

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