Aren’t we missing something?

Well, that’s summer well and truly over.  The last of the schools go back next week (Dumfries and Galloway what are you playing at?  8 weeks???)

For most of us the holidays are but a distant memory and a faded tan.  Those of us who staycationed spent most of it in wellies. 

Oh, and of course, the nights are fair drawin’ in.   But something’s missing from the scene setting for autumn, though it took me a wee while to work out what.

Our MSPs aren’t back from recess until 8 September (officially).  Which means they will have 9, nearly 10 weeks away from Holyrood.  Nice huh?

This is longer than normal:  usually they are back behind their shiny desks by the very first week in September, ready to roll for the new parliamentary session.  So why the extra week, in fact almost two weeks away?

I mean, it’s not as if there isn’t stuff to be getting on with.  The budget….. a log jam of bills at Stages 1 and 2….. the Lockerbie debacle…… a host of committee inquiries ready to get underway.   Don’t they think they could have done with more time this session, not less, given that the country is about to be rocked by the biggest financial cuts to the public sector this side of devolution?    I’m not at all suggesting, as some lazy journalists do, that recess equals holiday.  I know most work hard over the recess in their constituencies.  And an earlier post  indicates just how hard some will have been working as self-preservation instincts kick in.  But don’t they think that their constituents might prefer them to be focused on finding solutions to the big issues of the day at Holyrood than bounding around opening summer fetes, holding surgeries and scattering local media releases? 

MSPs – get back to Holyrood, your country needs you.  Which might be the one and only time anyone ever tells you that.


One thought on “Aren’t we missing something?

  1. Well said Kate. As one of those parents still listening to spongebob bleeping squarepants, last day of school holidays here, I am only too well aware how long this holiday has been.

    I may not agree with all, or many, decisions, views and rammies coming out of Holyrood of late, but…if the current high heid yins want the people of this country to take their willingness, and ability, to govern seriously – well so should they. Years ago I worked for a large retail organisation who had a policy that staff should not, unless there were extreme circumstances, have more than one month off at a time. Their thinking was that if a Department could do without them for a month, they could do without them full stop…hmm sometimes you have to think.

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