A flutter on Friday 3rd September

Something old….

For a friend.  To let her know I’m thinking of her.  And that I’m here for whatever she needs, whenever she needs it.

….something new

To you?  Probably.  Me, I’ve been into this band since summer 2008.  And woo hoo – they are playing in Glasgow next week, in what I think is their first trip to Scotland.  For those of you not familiar with the goth country genre, Elliott Brood are one of its finest examples.  Hailing from Canada, they are a tightknit three piece, combining exemplary storytelling, superb folk-country musicianship and a dark and twisted heart.  Enjoy.

And in a burdie bonus, here’s a proper new choon for the weekend.   It’s from the Soft Moon and is all seedy electronica, throbbing guitar and breathy vocals.  Definitely a TGIF choon.  Crank it up!

Something borrowed….

I’ve been toiling to find a new read this week.  I spent last week reading Kate Mosse’s Labyrinthe, and now I’d like it back please.  Recent picks from the library are leaving the burd cold.  So thank goodness for the Edinburgh Book Festival bookshop.  I went on Monday, clutching my fixed budget.  And only managed to bust it by 50%. 

The burdz big treat was A Scots Quair by Lewis Grassic Gibbon.  My teenage copy has long since disappeared so it was time I got myself a new one.  And this weekend I’ll be settling down to read Sunset Song again.  Bliss.

When I was growing up, I longed to be Chris Guthrie.  Hell, now I am grown up, I still want to be her.

“The days of love and holidaying and foolishness of kisses – they might be for him yet but never the same for her, dreams were fulfilled and their days put by, the hills climbed still to sunset but her heart might climb with them never again and long for to-morrow, the night still her own.  No night would she ever be her own again, in her body the seed of that pleasure she had sown with Ewen burgeoning and growing, dark, in the warmth below her heart.  And Chris Guthrie crept out from the place below the beech trees where Chris Tavendale lay and went wandering off into the waiting quiet of the afternoon, Chris Tavendale heard her go, and she came back to Blawearie never again.”

…something blue

By the time you read this, it may indeed be all over.  Lithuania vs Scotland, what’s our chances?  After the drubbing by Sweden, not great.  But then the boys in blue have a habit of pulling it off when we least expect it.  It’s why we love em and hate em in equal measure.  And cling on to the ever diminishing hope of reaching a finals again.  The Big Yin chicklet was only seven when we reached France 98.  I vowed I’d take him to the next finals, “when he was a bit older”.  Little did I know…..

So here’s to a Scotland victory tonight, and a flying start to our Euro 2012 qualifying campaign.