If I could be bovvered, I’d care

Fortunately, it’s nearly over.  Bar the bragging rights.  By 4pm today we will know who the next Labour leader will be.

Yes, I know it’s important – never been more important in lots of ways.  And I have tried very, very hard to get into it.  I almost was at one point, then along came the hustings and the interviews.  And the tedium:  if I could be bovvered, I’d care.

Because it all seems so irrelevant to us Scots.  New Labour didn’t really happen here.  We got a sprinkling of it, for sure, but Scottish Labour is still steeped in old Labour clothes, if not totally in its values.  It definitely showed in this leadership election.  The focus has been on post New Labour and whether or not to abandon its greatest successes/worst excesses (delete as appropriate).  In Scotland, it feels like we’re about five chapters behind them, that’s if we’re even reading the same book.

The hustings were excruciating.  Four well scrubbed lads, none of whom I’d trust with fetching my messages, never mind running a government.  And Diane in the middle scolding and exasperated and clutching her worn out left wing cliches like a security blanket. 

I liked Andy Burnham’s manifesto;  I’m glad Ed Balls found his narrative eventually and think it’s a shame that he took so long to get into his stride;  I’m glad Diane stood and hope she is rewarded with a Shadow Cabinet position;  and the brothers Miliband I’m just not sure what to make of.  Their intellect should appeal, it kind of does, but I don’t find either of them particularly inspiring or charismatic.  Maybe if they job shared?

Best moment of the campaign?  When Andy Burnham went off message, declaring a preference to play for Everton in the FA Cup final than be Labour party leader.  It was hilarious, humanising and heart warming.  

Most arrogant message?  Ed Balls’ claim that New Labour delivered devolution “to Scotland and Wales”.  Cue the righteous indignation….

Most annoying slogan?  David Miliband’s “the change Britain needs”.  Not even original.

Second most annoying slogan?  Ed Miliband’s “change to win“.  I’ll bet they even wore the same jumpers as kids, and fought over who got to wear red.

Least interesting fact? Sorry David but claiming the Gruffalo as your favourite book is not something any grown up should admit in public.

Best headline?  “It’s time Labour became credible – Diane writes in the Morning Star“. 

Most exciting moment?  When Ed Miliband is declared the winner.  And I collect on the £10 wager I placed right at the start of the campaign.


One thought on “If I could be bovvered, I’d care

  1. Can’t get out of the habit of laying your eggs in the same nest then! Shows commitment but dont spend all your winnings at once as we we all know that birds buy on impulse even when it doesn’t fit ends in tears. The BBC seems to be intoxicated with this election as if it matters.

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