A flutter on Friday 8 October

 Something old….

This is a big fat TGIF tune, one of the burdz favourites that is always played at very high volume, and often on loop.  Having overdosed on the party political conferences over the past few weeks, it seems pretty appropriate right now.  But best of all, the band consists of two very ungirly Canadian burdz, who are good at making noise, wear black a lot and also like soup.  Sounds like someone I know.  Enjoy.

…something new

Torn this week so I’ll let you have both.  There’s been a lot of talk about fairness by all these blethering politicians.  Personally the burd prefers justice.  And while not new, this band are probably far enough below most folk’s radar to justify their inclusion here.  I caught them totally by accident at this year’s Wickerman festival and am very glad I did.  They performed a blistering set, the dynamic within the current line up was spell binding and the quality of the drumming just mesmerising.   And they sing about things that matter.   

Next up, more drumming.  It’s my thing I’m afraid though don’t ask me to explain how it all started…

I nearly went to see Delta Spirit in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago.  I hummed and hawed and eventually decided naw.  More fool me.  They were outstanding on Jools last week and this track off their new album was simply awesome.  Oh, and it features two drummers.  Burd nirvana. 

Something borrowed….

At the risk of appearing far too worthy for my own good, justice has been much on my mind this last couple of weeks.  Blame the politicians who spout all manner of soundbite variations but rarely speak eloquently or directly about it.  What we get instead is much more woolly:  “tough but fair” “change our society for good” “we are the optimists and together we will change Britain”, “fairness means giving people what they deserve”.  What does any of it mean?  Whatever they want it to mean at any given time, probably.  So let’s hear from a real leader, a man of true integrity and principle, who understood only too well the meaning of justice and the consequences of injustice:

“…Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.  Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly….”

Martin Luther King wrote this in a letter from Birmingham jail in 1963 responding to criticism from other clergymen about civil rights activity in Birmingham, and in particular, about his role as an “outside agitator”.  It captures the essence of his philosophy and more widely, that of the civil rights movement.  But to get a more rounded understanding, read the whole letter.  It is as powerful now, as it was then. 

…something blue

Isn’t it great to be able to switch on the TV and watch our national team play?  Though given our last two performances, it remains to be seen just how “enjoyable” Czech Republic v Scotland will be this evening.  We will be en famille on the sofa tonight, the saltire is in the window, the beer is in the fridge and my granda’s lucky bunnet will be perched jauntily on the mantelpiece.  Every little helps…. Better still, we’ve already had some great Scottish performances and medal wins at the Commonwealth games and in the burdz nest, we’ll be spending much of the weekend cheering on everyone competing in blue and white in Delhi.  It’s one of the few opportunities to be truly proud of Scottish sporting achievement and we will be making the most of it.  I hope you do too.


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