Councils: they couldnae run a bath (2)

I thought this might turn into a series.  Or is it a serial?

The burd hired a van in order to clear all manner of household keech and garden rubbish that had been clogging up the nest.  I don’t run a car and didn’t think the hire firm would thank me for wrecking the interior of one of theirs.  And anyway, a van meant all the junk could go in one fell swoop. 

There were also a few electrical items to be recycled.  All of which could be taken to the local coup (that’s dump or waste recycling centre to non Scots speakers).   Only a mile away.  Result.

We arrived loaded to the gunnels to an empty site, bar the two employees who were enjoying the sunshine.  Sorry, hen, nae vans here.  You’ll have to go to Seafield.  Seafield?  But that’s about 7 or 8 miles away!  Council rules apparently.  No exceptions.  Disnae matter that we have nothing else to do.  The rules.  Oh, and as you have a hire van remember to take your papers or you won’t get in.  Nice, helpful chap cos we would have gone without the papers and not got in….

Now having travelled 2 miles for nowt, we head off to Seafield – round trip of about 16 miles – to the coup.  With the papers.  Helpful chappies – they always are – direct us to the right skips and we unload.  I visit the recycling hut to offer up our goods but a big sign says no TVs.  Oh.  Doesn’t say that on the website.  And everything has to be in perfect working order and comply with current regulations.  Doesn’t say that either on the website.  Can’t guarantee everything is so it ends up being dumped rather than refurbished and recycled. 

Loading in the broken toys and bits and bobs of furniture breaks my heart.  But it’s junk and it must go, despite my inner tinker insisting that some of it might just have a purp0se one day.  And that I should probably take the electrical goods home in case someone might be able to use them.  Some day.

I spy a shelf unit in the skip.  It’s perfect, not a scratch on it anywhere.  All the shelves there, even the fiddly wee pins.  Dumped for no reason, other than being last season’s colours.  But I know just the place it could go.  The Big Yin, as you can imagine, is curled up with embarassment by this time.

I ask one of the friendly workies.  Sorry not allowed.  No one is allowed to retrieve any items from the skips.  It’s dangerous.  Not this one, I say, I can reach it fine.  Already have.  No, it’s against the rules.  We could get the sack.  You could be done for theft.  Council says.

According to the council’s website, “we aim to prevent waste being created.  We encourage the reuse and refurbishment of goods wherever possible, keeping waste to a minimum… We aim to bring about “a culture change” amongst our residents…”  

Councils:  sometimes they couldnae run a bath.


2 thoughts on “Councils: they couldnae run a bath (2)

  1. Hi Rob

    Yes I will indeed get on to my local councillor! I understand – sort of – why the council has restricted vans but it seems like an awfully blunt instrument to have in place to prevent commercial tipping. The only site you can take a van to is Seafield. Which means everyone criss crossing Edinburgh adding to their carbon footprint by trying to do the right thing!

    Thanks for the link to Greener Leith – there are other swap sites too which I have used before and they are great.

  2. Kate,
    What a tale. I hope you get on to your local councillor (the jovial SNP one) to raise these issues. That’s what he’s there for after all.
    I managed to offload some old floor boards to a couple when I reluctantly took them to the recycling centre (coup) last year but that was just by chance.
    I think Greener Leith have set up a swap thing on their website so people can pass things on to welcome homes. Might be worth a check.

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