Oops! Wrong song, right message in SNP video

The SNP’s new video has caused a bit of a stushie – and some confusion. 

Those of us – including the burd – who should know better thought it was a pastiche on Roxy Music’s Let’s Stick Together.  How wrong can we be.  Travel backwards in pop music time and there is in fact a song by Canned Heat, very similar in sound to Roxy’s choon, but actually called “let’s work together”.  And a quick look at the video and lyrics shows this is a pretty faithful rendition by Jakil.  Oops.

Much as I like the video, and the song which I have now been singing in my head for 2 days, this indicates a bit of a problem.  If self-styled music afficionados can’t place the track then that’s an issue.  The song will be recognised by many, but possibly in the wrong demographic.  Surely the SNP needs to be hitting the mark with the squeezed middle generationally ie the 35 – 49 year olds?

The confusion with Let’s Stick Together has also unhelpfully allowed political opponents an “in”.  I thought it was a pleasing attempt at ironic prebuttal – stealing the Unionists’ clothes if you like, before they had a chance to put them on.  But no.  The aim is actually far more straightforward, and all the more powerful as a result.

The video’s theme forms part of a broader campaign strategy that will focus most on the presidential race of Salmond vs Gray, which was effectively summarised by John Swinney in his speech to SNP conference on Friday:  (the current SNP government) is a first rate team set for a second term not a second rate opposition set for first time failure.  The message to the voting public is vote SNP and work with us to make a better future.  The lyrics provide a really strong message – “let’s all work together and make life worthwhile”.

The images in the video subtly highlight how this can be achieved – working with partners and colleagues, working in synergy with Scotland’s natural resources, using your own talents and skills, working together on big tasks, and small.   Working together, we can get the job done.  Working together will give us a sense of satisfaction.  Working together produces results and won’t that make us feel good.  The theme is unashamedly upbeat and positive, promoting a better, alternative future in the face of the unrelenting negativity and reality of what being in the UK for the next 10 years will mean to our quality of life.

It’s subtle but effective.  Though of course having been wrong once, I might be way off the mark again.  (It has been known to happen.) 

Who cares, I still like it.  And I can’t wait to see what Labour brings out in response….

5 thoughts on “Oops! Wrong song, right message in SNP video

  1. The last bit was meant to be 8) !

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  3. A pedant writes…..Actually the version you refer to was released as a solo record by Bryan Ferry and not in fact by Roxy Music.
    The Canned Heat version is one I play and sing with my band. Sadly though I’m two years outwith your stated demographic.
    I’ll leave you to guess in which direction 8).

    • I stand corrected – again! I like the Canned Heat version and my point was really that there is a demographic that will be fairly crucial to the forthcoming election and that the SNP should have picked a song they could identify with readily. 49 was possibly cutting it a bit fine, probably 35 – 54 is nearer the mark. So you’re in then… 🙂

      • Oh dear. I saw Canned Heat do this live, with the band including Al ‘Blind Owl’ Wilson and Bob ‘The Bear’ Hite, but I’m not being more age specific. However, this could be the start of an ‘SNP do the Blues’ trend, as the other big hits the band had were ‘On the road again’ and ‘Up the Country’. Glagow candidates might want to consider Elmore James’ ‘Dust my Broom(ielaw)’ – though the implications for the demographic become worrying………..

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