A Flutter on Friday 29 October

Something old…

The burd spent some time in the company of an old friend this week and enjoyed the beer and the craic immensely.  We have shared tastes in music – often but not always – and the rumination over old and new favourites was balm for the soul.

This one came up in discussion.  “One of the saddest songs you’ll ever hear but what is it about?”  Different things to different folks I reckon.  But it’s truly beautiful so enjoy.  And don’t forget to comb your hair….

This was also the week which marked six years since the passing of John Peel.  The burd is of the generation that grew up with late night radio, under the covers.  First came Radio Luxembourg, then John Peel.  What does this generation do I wonder? 

It was, of course, the wonderful Mr Peel who introduced the burd to the Undertones and it has proven to be a lifelong attachment.  So much so, that poor Boy Wonder was dragged into the hot and sweaty Solus tent to catch them – sans Feargal of course – at this year’s Wickerman festival.  They did not disappoint and inadvertently provided the funniest moment of the fest.  When Teenage Kicks came on, the tent erupted with lotsa forty somethings reliving their youth, pogo-ing like fury, watched dismissively by a row of bored tweenies at the back.  The disgust on their faces said it all.

Teenage Kicks, despite its brilliant lyrics, is not actually my favourite Undertones track.  This is.  With an opening riff to die for, crank up the volume!

….something new

It’s been out for a month now, but in the last week I’ve been playing this track by the Suuns at least a few times a day.  Funny how choons sneak up and then grab you.  It’s as catchy as hell so be warned!   

Something borrowed….

Hallowe’en this weekend of course.  And needless to say, we’ll be doing it traditionally in this hoose.  Boy Wonder will be taken out guising, in a home made costume with a suitably lurid plastic mask.  We’ve been preparing for weeks, making our own decorations and the house will be draped in skew wiff scary bats and snakes (at his request) and a great big ghostie in the window that is his pride and joy. Shame he wouldn’t let me put glitter on the plasma… Cannae beat a bit of arts and crafts with the bairns.

On the basis that Hallowe’en is for bairns, here’s a site to keep them, big and small, amused for a while.  I stumbled across it a good while ago and return every year.  I haven’t found a better one but feel free to post a link to one you like!  Better still, if you have a favourite spooky poem or tale, share it!

….something blue

The SPL really know how to treat us.  No “home” game for months then two in quick succession.  Tynecastle beckons on Sunday for an early kick off and a wee sherbet or two afterwards in the company of the Killie Travel Club.  They are a bit depleted these days but always great company, no matter what the result.  The football at Easter Road a fortnight ago was positively silky in the first half:  one touch passes, playing the ball to feet, making the most of wide men.  The burd was agog.

Killie should have been at least 3 ahead at half time but of course squandered their chances.  And then we got stuffed by two identical set piece goals, the only two shots on target Hibs had all game.  Plus ca change…. Still, there is hope that we can produce the football and the right result against the Jam Tarts.  No horror stories though please….


5 thoughts on “A Flutter on Friday 29 October

  1. any chance you could delete the last bit of my first post there?
    big oopsie on my part… and the jambos didnae help either 😦

  2. Ah, were you at Wickerman? We went for the first time this year and had a wonderful time. And I must get round to putting the photos online.

  3. awwwwwww… the undertones!!!! My personal favourite track is this one
    ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPdu_x-7xSE ) R.I.P. John Peel. I’m one of that same generation with Peely and fabulous 208 under the covers so my ma widnae hear.

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