A flutter on Friday 5 November

Ach, let’s do something different with this Friday’s flutter and celebrate the many moods of Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan: genius.  That voice, hinting, sometimes embracing darkness.  And oozing badness.  In fact, Mark Lanegan makes bad seem like a very good thing.

With a career stretching all the way back to Screaming Trees, a dabble with fellow Seattle grunge afficionados, Nirvana, a permanent slot with Queens of the Stone Age and then a solo career and a host of side projects, there is so much to choose from.  Lanegan, despite his well documented “difficulties” and continuing reputation for “difficulty”, has been surprisingly prolific and there is no shortage of willing potential collaborators. 

So here’s a smattering of some Mark Lanegan greatness.  And if you like him or any of the choons, go purchase!  All available on itunes, amazon and emusic.  

First up, a Soulsavers track:  a quite exquisite cover of a Neil Young classic, Through my Sails.  This is a definite chill out choon, to be enjoyed with a glass of something mellow.  Glenlivet would do nicely and I’m sure Mr Lanegan would approve.

Moving swiftly on, this is from his own band, the Gutter Twins.  It’s the first track I bought off the excellent Saturnalia album and is still my favourite.  Most of the time.

Another Soulsavers track – though you might also want to seek out the wonderful Massive Attack cover (no kidding) of Live with Me, performed with Twilight Singers, another of the burdz favourite bands.   This is a cover of a Palace Brothers gem, that was also reprised by Bonnie Prince Billy.  Neither, though, comes close to this heart rending version.  It’s all in the voice.

A bonus track, this time from the man himself.  His band, his name, his song.  Lyrics to die for, growling not for the faint hearted and a rocking riff too.

And finally, let’s turn the lights down low, and celebrate one of the most unlikely lyrical and musical partnerships that works effortlessly on so many different levels.  I reckon this is one of the sultriest songs you’ll hear all year.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “A flutter on Friday 5 November

  1. I saw him supporting QoTSA at T in the Park in 2007 and while QoTSA were as fantastic as you would expect, Lanegan really was a disappointment. He took lead vocals on one song and he could barely keep himself upright on the stage, let alone attempt any singing. Very sad and rather pathetic behaviour but I have read that recently he has had some success in conquering his demons so I wish him all the best and hope he will return soon.

    • Oh yes, demons he has had aplenty. And I think he is still fairly unpredictable. He seems to be in a better place these days and it would be great to get him back live on these shores. If we could guarantee which Mr Lanegan showed up of course….

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