A Flutter on Friday 19th November

Something old….

Okay, due to popular demand by err, one blog reader, I promise to stop mucking about with the flutter.  Amazing what upsets some folk….

This week the burd had a big night out on a school night.  Though it didn’t turn out to be quite as big as I was expecting….. And for some reason, these two songs always make me think of the very good friend whose company I was in.  Yup, the burdz brain works in mysterious ways.

So, this week’s something old is to say thank you for a fun time.  

First up, a track from one of my favourite bands though I doubt I can see them finding the time to get back in the recording studio.  She’s off having too much fun with Jack White and co and he seems content with escorting Ms Moss all over town.  Shame.  (I can’t get the technology to work for some reason, so here is the link to the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6wUPCqwWI8). 

And the second is a classic James track from 1993.  Enjoy.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGfnw4YscBA)

…something new

Tonight I’m out again!  In the company of three friends, one of whom I am very much looking forward to meeting for the first time (though I’ve heard so much about him from his wife that I feel I’ve known him for yangs), we’re all heading to the Gaslight Anthem gig at HMV Picture House. 

I would confess that the Gaslight Anthem took a while to grow on me and there are a few of their tunes that I do think are a bit derivative.  But they now regularly feature on the journey to work playlist, particularly when I am stomping through town between buses, and I am so very excited to be seeing them tonight. 

Apparently they do a great live gig.  And I’m liking this new poster – and coveting it – very much.   Ooh, and loving this video for American Slang

Something borrowed….

Today marks the 10th World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children  and the burd is so very proud that CHILDREN 1ST, her new employer, are the first, and still the only organisation in Scotland to be a member of the NGO coalition that works for this essential goal alongside 700 other organisations in 125 countries around the world.

Nothing is more damaging to the future life chances of our children than abuse and violence.  And in Scotland it is still all too frequent.  The worst cases result in death and appal us.  But in every community, there are children enduring awful childhoods.  Living in fear and with extreme trauma.  Often in the place where they should feel safest – home.

Worst of all, I’m sure there are some children whom we all worry about, whom we all see and/or know, and wonder if there is something not quite right in that child’s home life.  But too often we stay quiet, for fear of repercussions, or concern about getting it wrong, or preferring just to get on with our lives.  But it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure our children are safe and secure, happy and loved surely?  Read CHILDREN 1st’s ten top tips aimed at encouraging all of us to take responsibility for protecting children in our communities.

 To understand the impact of abuse, violence and neglect on children, you need to see it.  In their faces and most tragically of all, in their eyes.  Few have managed to document the impact like David Gillanders in his project on the street children of Ukraine

…something blue

Sadly, there are only so many nichts oot the burd can cope with in any one week.  Especially on a tight budget.  So I won’t be going to see Mary Gauthier on Sunday evening.  Boo.

She’s definitely an acquired taste but once you get it, you’ll be spellbound.  The voice is incredible and her lyrical qualities are wonderful.  She writes a great song and they always, always tell a great story.   If you’re at a loose end this Sunday evening, I’d heartily recommend going to see her.  Otherwise, enjoy one of my favourite choons, Camelot Motel, share with you in the boxnet widget at the foot of the page.