A Flutter on Friday 26 November

Something old….

This week, the flutter is going stateside.  To Canada, sort of.  Arcade Fire broked into the consciousness of the UK music scene via an outstanding headline gig at Reading and Leeds festival this year.  But there are so many other great Canadian bands out there deserving of our attention.

There is a real burgeoning artsy craftsy, folksy, bluesy scene that centres around Toronto and a whole host of wonderful music festivals.  So, three bands to thrill you.

First up, the wonderfully named The Rural Alberta Advantage or The RAA.  The burd stumbled upon them during one of my hazy, mazy trawls through the emusic site.  At the time, they were unsigned but I’m sure that’s changed.  Their debut album was a corker and this is a particular favourite.  And if you dig this kind of music dude, check out HearYa.  They do a great newsletter and daily free downloads, including live sessions like this one.

Next, a band that should be as big as Arcade Fire.  The Acorn has also “done” a concept album but they have stayed perhaps a little true-r to their roots and not gone quite as mainstream as Arcade Fire.  No Ghost, their latest album came out earlier this year and I love it.  This track, Slippery when Wet, espouses all that is good about them.  Gentle flowing melody, haunting vocals, beautifully poetic lyrics.  

Finally, a visit to Canada would not be complete without a wee bit of Elliott Brood.  I do wish the boys would stop the touring and start recording again…  In the meantime, their album Mountain Meadows, first purchased in 2008 in an indie shop that consumed far too much of the burdz holiday spondoolicks in Toronto.  I recall trying to pick out a favourite for my 2008 top ten and changing it at least five times.  I finally settled on this.  Or maybe it should have been this one….

….something new

Take a band from Boise, Idaho and one from Glasgow, Scotland and what do you get?  Baffin Island of course!  The midway point between the home towns of The Very Most and the Hermit Crabs.  This collaborative project might just be one of my finds of the year.  And they have a free three track download available at EardrumsPop website.  Go get em! 

Something borrowed….

St Andrews Day beckons but sadly, Scotland’s capital city doesn’t see fit to give its weans a day off to celebrate it, preferring instead to persist with paying homage to Queen Victoria in May for some reason.  But there’s still plenty on around the country to enjoy.  In fact, we’re in danger of local festival overload and it does make the burd a wee bit queasy to see cooncils pebbledashing budgets for festivals, Christmas light switch ons and the like, when all around there are vulnerable weans and families going without vital support services. 

But enough of my girning.  Away and enjoy some fabulous St Andrew’s Day poetry from bairns at the Scottish Poetry Library website.  They’re more than enough to make a crabbit burd smile.  Oh, and look out for a special St Andrew’s Day burdz eye view!

…something blue

This week we had the phenomenon of a blue moon.  Apparently the name has nothing to do with colour.  But all the same, I enjoyed moon watching from the burdz eyrie this week and seeing the blue frosted fringes in a cold clear sky.