A flutter on Friday 3rd December

Something old….

Brrr.  The big snaw has now been followed by the big freeze.  The schools have been off all week and to stave off cabin fever and death by Johnny Cash, the burd decided it was time to acquaint the Boy Wonder with his inner soul man.   And I am delighted to report he has embraced the lesson with gusto.   Much grooving and boogying accompanied this choon.  It’s not even close to pure soul but it ‘s a perfect TGIF track.  Enjoy.

….something new

Well I think I might just have found my track of the year, or at least one of my top five.  I picked it up from the wonderful Mad Mackerel music blog, who has just this week posted his November round up with 26 free and authorised tracks to download.  And nearly every one a winner.

And the Wiremen is a kind of uber indie supergroup, featuring former members of a fave burd band, Cordero.  I’m liking this choon so much, it’s been played 43 times since I downloaded it on Tuesday.  I’m sure I’ll eventually wear it out….  You too can join the frenzy by visiting their MySpace page and listening to Lines.  And don’t forget – if you like it/them, go buy some!

Something borrowed….

The beginning of December is witness to many important commemorations.  The 1st December marks World Aids Day and the 3rd is International Day for People with Disabilities.  Both of them worthy causes deserving of our support.  And for all that my heart in particular belongs to the latter of these, my favourite at this time of year is that 1st December is the date on which Rosa Parks, with her decision to refuse to sit at the back of the bus, began the Freedom Rides that were to lead the USA on a remarkable journey towards racial equality.  Rosa was already a civil rights activist but her brave stand captured the imagination and from that fateful day in 1955, she devoted her life, in a typically modest and humble way, to securing far reaching change in the treatment of and attitudes to Afro Americans.  A fine woman whom we and our daughters can look up to.  And proof that to be an effective warrior does not necessarily mean being a noisy one.  Read more about her here.

…something blue

Of course, this week also saw St Andrew’s Day.  And my favourite shade of blue is definitely saltire.  I blogged on St Andrew’s Day lamenting our failure to acknowledge our other, female patron saint, Margaret.  But I am very fond of the male one too.  In particular, I like the fact that both my children have grown up celebrating him openly, being taught about him, Scottishness and Scotland at school.  A far cry from my schooldays (uttered by one on the verge of grumpy middle age…)

Many celebratory activities for Scotland’s national day were cancelled due to the adverse weather.  But it’s not too late to spend a little time this weekend wrapping yourself in the Saltire – in an entirely positive and edifying way of course – and contemplating what Scotland means to you.  The burd for one delights in being Scottish and while I dream, particularly in weeks like this, of life in sunnier climes, I know this amazing, wonderful country of ours will always be home.


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  1. I $@&#ing love the And The Wiremen track!! How have I not heard of this band?

    • I think they are quite new and definitely indie and out of the mainstream. The other tracks on MySpace are good too. Thanks for dropping by!

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