The Family Law’s top five albums and discoveries of the year

Welcome to a guest blogpost from the Family Law, friends of the burd and music lovers, who accepted the challenge to come up with some musical best ofs for 2010.  And I’m glad they did, for they’ve served up a treat.
As you can imagine, setting a married couple the task of agreeing on their top five albums and top five discoveries in 2010, was always courting disaster.  But they made it, nearly unscathed and almost still speaking to each other.  And the choices are first class, though the post is worth it just for the banter.  Enjoy.
“After much deliberation, going in huffs, shaking of heads and bad language we have finally come up with a list we both like.  
First up our top 5 albums of 2010:
The Howling Owls are bizarrely still unsigned.  For those who like a bit of humour with their darkness you really can’t beat Mood Ring  
Next up, Chelmsford’s answer to Leonard Cohen.  Tom McRae isn’t exactly dance around a handbag but if you want your reality wrapped up in beautiful lyrics and a haunting quality you won’t go far wrong with The Alphabet of Hurricanes released in 2010..and our pick of the album – American Spirit 
Number 3 on the list of albums of the year is The DaylightsThe Daylights.  Described by yon eejit as U2 in the storming days without the pretensions of Bono, he discovered them via cdbaby.  And our pick of the album is Black Dove.
Fabulous at number four, according to the male half of the Family Law, is Glasgow band Unkle Bob.  Described by him as melancholy pop, he can’t get enough of this band since he heard Tom Morton waxing lyrical about them.  The album is Shockwaves, have a listen to Proud.
And finally at number 5 the stonking, fabulous Gaslight Anthem and American Slang.  This third album sees them cutting loose from all those references and comparisons with Springsteen and others and sees them define who they are.  All members of Family Law agree there isn’t a bad track on this album, but choosing just one to get you hooked was harder.  So after much arm wrestling, hums and hahs we decided on the toe tapping, shimmy shammying delight that is The Diamond Church Street Choir .
If choosing our top 5 albums released in 2010 was hard (and trust me it was!  The “didnae quite make it”  list included Peter Gabriel, Mumford and Sons, Allie Moss and Springsteen!), well choosing the top 5 of music we had been introduced to in 2010 was much, much harder.  Due in no small part to our being lucky enough to know so many friends, colleagues and driving instructors who love music!
Top 5 discoveries of 2010:
First up, courtesy of the driving instructor – The Alabama 3 with the title track from Woke Up This Morning 
Next – a band, and a song, that gets the wee buddha mammy member of Family Law birling round the living room – the wonderful Elliot Brood with Miss you now . Thanks to the wonderful Burd for introducing me to them.
Number 3 has been chopped and changed more times than my hairstyle but the eejit section of the family is still arguing about her exclusion from the top 5 albums!  So at number 3 we have Allie Moss, the album is Late Bloomer and the track to inspire you is Corner .
Frankly fabulous at number 4 –  from Brand New Eyes by ParamoreThe Only Exception.  A beautiful stripped down stunning love song. Thanks to Alex for pointing this band out to me. 
And finally the fifth choice – the wonderful Gentleman Caller, from the album Gentleman Caller Vs The Elephant.  This particular track is a favourite of buddha mammy who reckons being a little bit deranged is no bad thing – The Locusts .   Found by just playing about with spotify this band are a delight.”
Two great lists, I’m sure you’ll agree.  A big heartfelt thank you to the Family Law for sharing them with us!

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  2. Great post, burd (et al.). Unkle Bob is a great inclusion…

    • Thanks (she says modestly, having had nothing to do with the list!) It is a good one!

      Did you catch the top 20 Scottish albums? Hope you found something you liked in that little lot!

      And my top ten/twelve of the year coming right along…. Liking this music blogging even more than the politics! And happy to take lists from others!

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