More top fives, tens, twenty fives, fifties and eh, seventy fives

Thanks to Santa, we’re all chooned up in the burdz nest.  Boy Wonder got his very ain MP3 player, complete with speaker dock, and a very nice real-ish guitar.  The bairns next door also got guitars and drums so the first practice session of Scotland’s Next Big Thing takes place tomorrow.  The burd got a speaker dock too, and the Big Yin an external hard drive which thankfully means all that awfy hip hop can be shifted from my itunes.

The only thing missing is the choons.  But worry not, anyone needing to fill an ipod, a hard drive or who is just seeking respite from family and over-indulging, here are some excellent top tens, twenty fives and forties to check out.  With lotsa free downloads!

Mad Mackerel has been running a whole series of top tens, with everyone in the team having a go at listing their favourite tracks of the year. 

They love lists as much as the burd does, so you can also find a top ten favourite new artists of 2010 , top cover songs and a top 25 albums of 2010.

Vic Galloway over at Dear Scotland posted his top 75 albums of the year a while back – some great Scottish entries in there.  But a little more discernment wouldn’t go amiss… from the burd who could only post a top twelve rather than ten!

Another favourite music blog of the burdz, HearYa, has had a whole ream of top whatevers going on too.  Top 50 albums, and also top five EPs – loadsa downloads too.

Finally, Song, by Toad, took a novel approach to this malarkey, inviting readers to vote for their top five albums of the year.  It resulted in a tie for first place.  Go take a look.

Coming up before the year end, a guest post to look forward to on burdzeyeview- on top Scottish albums of all time, no less. 

And yep, this end of year music blogging is so much fun, I’m tempted to give up the day blog.  But fortunately (or not) there’s plenty of political polemic left in the old burd yet…. Normal service will be resumed shortly.