A Flutter on Friday 14th January

Something old….

Flu 2 the Burd 0.  But I am not out for the count yet.  In fact I may be on the verge of a comeback.  I hope so.

Anyway, to Celtic Connections which is 16 this year and kicked off in grand style yesterday.  So many gigs, so little time, so few chicklet sitters, so small a bank account.

Every year I vow to do Celtic Connections properly and every year I fail.  Miserably.  This year, flu allowing, the burd hopes to get to at least one or two events.  And possibly more.

If you get half a chance, go.   What would I recommend?   This.  Oh and this.  A stellar line up, featuring Imelda May who was brilliant last year.  And it would be worth going along to see if Shane MacGowan actually turns up.

…. something new

Gosh, it’s only the second week of January and already, there have been so many excellent new releases with many more on the way in February and March.   Bed ridden boredom has resulted in lots of fiddling with my itunes and finally catching up with a load of downloading.  Lots to choose from but these three have been getting a lot of play.

First, in case you think the burd doesn’t do mainstream (ish), this from Elbow.  Lippy Kids is from their album, Build a Rocket Boys!, to be released in early March.

Next, a little something from the Veils.  Stream “Bloom” from their newly released EP, and download it, here.

Finally, my favourite track off Insound’s new free mixtape for January (but be quick it’s only available for a few days more). 

something borrowed….

The burd and the chicklet spent some of Ne’er’s Day in Resolution Square in Edinburgh’s city centre, soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the free music, nursing sore shins from the ice skating. 

The haikus that had been commissioned made for an interesting backdrop and it’s inspired the burd to explore the discipline of haiku and start writing my own.  Needless to say they are a bit rubbish as I try to get my head around the “rules”.  But I’ll keep trying and maybe share one or two one day.  Meanwhile, enjoy these from expert hands:

This time to live more
Breathe, burn, kiss, love, touch better,
Fail less than before.

– A L Kennedy

Hoar frost at daybreak.
In the garden for the blind 
the rose twigs shimmer. 

– John Burnside

…something blue

I am reduced to reading books that were put down half way through and re-reading old favourites.  It’s either that or watch daytime TV. 

The library books were exhausted in week one of “the flu” and frankly it’s getting me down.  So friends are being despatched on a book buying mercy run. 

What would you recommend as a good companion to the flu?  Are there books you’ve read recently you think I should put on my list for 2011?  Post a comment and let me know.


6 thoughts on “A Flutter on Friday 14th January

  1. If you’ve not yet read any of these, then all are good for a few hours of flu-relief…Ham on Rye, Knockemstiff, Crimson Petal & The White, Glass Rainbow, The Given Day or I Shot A Man In Reno

  2. I’ve just finished ‘The Shape of Water’ by Andrea Camilleri. This is an Inspector Montalbano mystery set in Sicily and part of a series which I have just started to explore. Witty, intelligent but not too demanding and with a hint of the exotic. What more do you want when you’re ill?

    • This is a great recommendation and I had been trying to hunt down these mysteries in the library to no avail. Did you see the episode on BBC 4 during their detective series? I liked it, hence the interest in reading them. And you are spot on re the requirements for when ill. Thans again!

      • I did see it and that’s why I got the book. The books seem better than the TV version, as is so often the case. Nonetheless I’m currently very taken by the ‘Zen’ adaptations on BBC1 and I’ll be getting ‘Ratking’ any day now.

        Incidentally, BBC4 had a very good documentary, ‘Italian Noir’, on recently that served as a very good intro to the various Italian crime writers. There are a good number of them writing in a good variety of styles. Camilleri appears to be the least political. I took notes and will be doing some more research!

        Good luck getting over the ‘flu…

      • I missed the Italian Noir programme but will look out for it – they often repeat stuff when you least expect it.

        And thanks for the good wishes. Feeling better today but I’ve been here before…

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