“Poor Gail” plans a starring role on the public stage

During The Trial, while all around me were sympathising with “poor Gail”, I kept stum.  Hard as it was.

I knew, at some point, I’d be writing a blogpost like this, though I had expected to be doing so after Tommy’s sentencing.  Because “poor Gail” nothing.

Anyone who saw the footage of Mrs Sheridan immediately after the verdict surely saw what I did.  How could you miss the determined pursing of her lips or the flinty glint in her eyes?  She may be standing by her man but Gail will make sure she gets her share in the process.

And so it begins.  Today, the Herald broke the news that Gail intends to stand for election to the Scottish Parliament in May.  It will be announced after Tommy is sentenced at the end of the month but I reckon it will only be the start.  No doubt, Gail has already recruited the services of a publicist who is at this very moment haggling with newspapers and magazines for a decent price for “Gail’s story”.  Expect her on a daytime TV sofa telling of her anguish, the strain of the trial and why she is standing by her man.  There might even be a book in the offing and there’s definitely a country classic to be written in the woman’s honour. 

You can tell the burd is less than impressed.  Gail has been found innocent – or at least, there was insufficient evidence to submit a case of perjury against her to a jury – and on one level is free to do as she wishes.  But there is a fine line between profiting from her own situation and from her husband’s crimes. 

The intention to stand for Holyrood is because Gail is a passionate, committed politician who believes she has something to offer the people of Glasgow as their elected representative.  Aye right. 

George, you’ve come up against some characters in your time – takes one to know one after all – but you might just have met your match.  This is an affront to democracy and I hope the goodly voters of Glasgow send her packing.  Our Scottish Parliament deserves better than to be turned into the stage upon which the next act of the Sheridan pantomime will be played out.

I’m all for families sticking together, in good times and bad.  But isn’t there something demeaning about a woman who intends to shape her future role in life around the impact of her husband’s misdemeanours.  Gail Sheridan is by all accounts an intelligent woman.  She’s stylish and savvy and knows how to play the game.  But she hopes to develop a public role – and no doubt be rudely recompensed in the process – around the trials and tribulations of living with Tommy the serial shagger.  What a waste.  Wouldn’t she rather be known for her own achievements, gained through her own talents and diligence?

Nope, not impressed, nor a shred of sympathy for the place Gail Sheridan finds herself in.  The only person I feel sorry for in this whole, unedifying charade is  “wee G” (and god bless her for that affront alone).  Poor Gabriella, the Sheridans’ only child, will spend her formative years as a bit part extra in the soap opera that is her parents’ lives.   Growing up, she’ll not only have to live with the ignominy of what her father has done but be reminded of it daily as her mother forges her new career.  Every time Gail steps out on to the public stage in some capacity or another, Gabriella will get a ribbing in the playground.  Some might call it emotional cruelty and some might imagine how it might affect her in later life.

So if she’s not prepared to do it for her own self-respect, then for the sake of her child, the burd urges Gail Sheridan to rethink this apparent decision to stand for Parliament.  And any other plans she might have for a starring role on the public stage.

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  1. Nice bit of Gail bashing but she has more of a chance of getting elected than anyone from the SSP.

    It depends on what Galloway does if they go head to head then nobody from the left will get elected.

    • So is your argument anyone from the left whether or not they can do the job? I would like to see someone from the far left back in the Parliament but has to be someone doing the job for the right reasons. And yes I know that should extend to other parties too! And agree absolutely re Galloway. The vote will be split and the list seat might well go elsewhere.

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  3. “Gail has been found innocent – or at least, there was insufficient evidence to submit a case of perjury against her to a jury – and on one level is free to do as she wishes”

    The charges against her were dropped and she was formally acquitted – not because there was a debate about sufficiency of evidence (there was no “no case to answer submission” successfully made in the case (a legal device to get a case thorwn out because there is not sufficient evidence)) but because the Crown indicated that it was no longer in the public interest to proceed.

  4. Rosemary Byrne was wonderful and I myself have no idea why she felt the need to go with Tommy. I will forever be grateful for her undoubted support that she gave me with my campaign along with other politians.

    I had absolutey no interest at all in politics until the Farepak debacle of 2006 and it was only then that I started to realise there really were genuine politians who really did care but sadly there were people who were elected but did not give a damn. Colin Fox, to me, was a very sad casualty of Sheridan as Colin Fox is another person who really does care, in my opinion of course!

    • And the wider issue is that the far left in Scottish politics has been left moribund. I might not agree with all that they stood for but I think there is a place for them in Scottish politics. Be interesting to see what happens with this vote in May – sadly, will probably split 3 ways meaning no representation at all.

  5. “Poor Gabriella, the Sheridans’ only child, will spend her formative years as a bit part extra in the soap opera that is her parents’ lives.”

    IMHO all kids are fated as such, its all just a question of the quality of the sopa opera.



    • You make a fair point but most of us prefer to play out our family soap operas on a more private stage. And “good enough” parents – or those that try to be “good enough” – will usually try to put their child’s needs first, not their own. I am not sure how this decision can be considered to be in this child’s best interests. Though, I appreciate this is just my opinion!

  6. Gail will struggle to spell parliament or to articulate the needs of anyone other than herself so preserve us o voters and get represented by a person of integrity, intelligence and political energy for good in Scotland

  7. Cynical Highlander.

    Ian Hamilton has, I think quite clearly mislaid his few remaining marbles.

  8. I have little time for the media as you know. However as an East end Glaswegian I get seriously hacked off by the Sheridans. I think Scottish Politics was better for the SSP, it brought another dimension. This man was happy to see his own party destroyed because they dared answer back. If he’d spent as much time fighting for us as he did his own over tanned butt we would all be better off.

    An excellent Blog!

    • Completely agree. There were men and women involved in the SSP and who sat in the Scottish Parliament who truly cared about their constituents and I, for one, was pretty devastated when they lost their seats down to the actions of Tommy Sheridan.

      I sat opposite Tommy Sheridan on day whilst he did his radio show. I was there to talk about a campaign as was involved in and you would think Tommy would have details of the campaign. Did he heck, he did not have a clue. Furthermore, at a debate in the Scottish Parliament, he sat below me leafing through a holiday brochure and then left leaving Rosemary Byrne (who I believe is actually a caring politician who should NOT have went with Tommy) to debate.

      • Thanks for your comments Suzy – it’s always good to get an insider’s perspective. I think one of the saddest casualties of this whole tawdry affair is Rosemary Byrne, a decent, hardworking community activist who was treated badly by the other women in the SSP group and for whatever reason, felt unable to break her ties to Tommy. The sooner we can put it all behind us the better – which is another reason for Gail not to stand.

  9. I’m pretty much with you on this, Burd. What are the voters of Glasgow going to be rewarded with should they participate temporarily in the charade of Sheridanism? Four years of good solid constituency work or an endless parade of grandstanding? Could Gail promise in her capacity as a responsible elected member – travelling and communicating at taxpayers expense – not to mention her husband during professional hours? I think not…


    Like him or hate him Tommy is what this country needs to show the complicity of the media our judicial system with the establishment and if takes Gail to assist in this then more power to her elbow.

    • Sorry to be even so cynical but people in Glasgow know what the media are like, and frankly anyone who thinks the Sheridans did any of this to highlight the corruption and disgraceful behaviour of the media is kidding themselves. He did this because he is an egomaniac and she is doing this for her own gain.

  11. Can it be true that one of Gail’s diaries produced as evidence at the perjury trial contained the following bon mot?

    “Today we were in Edinburgh where Tommy was speaking at an anti-racism rally. Later on we went out for a Chinky.”

    • If that’s true it will go down in history as a classic moment. Mind you I would not be surprised.

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