A Flutter on Friday 11th February

Something old…

Everyone got a big passionate weekend planned?  Flowers, candles, romantic dinner a deux?  No?!  Oh good.  I’m not alone then.

Much as I might try, Valentine’s Day can’t be ignored so here is the burdz take on what count as a few of my favourite love songs, sort of.  But hey, I do have a soft centre you know so at least one of these might well surprise you.

This might just make it onto my Desert Island Discs when I get the call from Kirsty.   A seminal album is so many ways, I’m now on my third CD, having literally worn out the previous ones.   And Sullivan Street, by a country mile, is my standout track.

“I’m almost drowning in her sea, She’s nearly fallen to her knees”.  Yearning, haunting, melancholy and mystical. 

Another with a mysterious meaning, but for quite different reasons.  Any Spanish speakers out there?  Too bad.  So let’s just listen and enjoy the beauty of Cordero’s Guardosecretos.  It’s posted in the Boxnet below for you to cut and keep.  Who needs red roses huh?

Luka Bloom and Sinead O’Connor.  No, really.  With a pure, unadulterated love song of such tenderness, it brings tears to the burdz eyes on every listen.  Enjoy.

And to finish, a couple of smooching numbers.  Pick your partner and try a little dirty dancing – just close the curtains to avoid scaring the neighbours.  A golden oldie indeed.

I’ll confess, this last song was originally something else but then I remembered this one.  From the fabulous Roadside Graves, for girls with strong knees everywhere.        

…something new

Loved this when I first played it off this month’s Insound Mixtape but couldn’t quite pin down why.  And then it dawned on me.  It’s him from the Fresh & Onlys.  Of course I was going to like it.  All dreamy, Motown-ish reverb.  Top class.

It was an absolute stonker of a mixtape this month and too bad if you missed it – I’m sure I posted a link.  This too from Cut Copy is getting a lot of play.  And this from Sorry Kisses which has an excellent opening riff. 

And in case youse are thinking the burd has lost it and gone all trippy, hippy, mellow and yellow, you could well be right.  Though this next band kind of puts me back on much more familiar territory.  

I knew as soon as I saw the name I was going to like the Barettas.  A Canadian, all girl troupe who pout and look pretty while thrashing and bashing and growling and yowling.  Oh and they play a bit too, providing perfect Friday night birling music.  What’s not to like?  

Something borrowed…

Who wrote the best love poetry?  John Donne that’s who.  And while I probably didn’t get this one when I first read Donne in my teens, twenty five years on, it makes perfect sense.  And beautiful reading.

…something blue

Can we make it two out of two?  It’s not often the national football side win so let’s bask in the glory.  Who cares that the Northern Ireland side were under strength or that it was a meaningless friendly?  There is nothing meaningless about the Home Internationals and if they become a regular fixture in the calendar, the burd for one will be pleased.

This weekend, it’s the rugby team’s turn.  Another three tries would be a start, a victory even better.  The Welsh, as usual, are here in their droves and whoever wins, there will be thrills and spills in Edinburgh all weekend.  Let’s hope for the same at Murrayfield and success all round for our boys in blue.