A Flutter on Friday 25th February

Something old….

This is a quick and dirty flutter.  Back to business and no messing. 

Because I’ve got one final, fabulous Let’s Get Lyrical post to share with you later today from Mr Mad Mackerel himself.  Woo hoo!

So two tracks to get the party started.  Cmon, it’s Friday!  And better than that it’s a pay day Friday!

First up, something MM would approve of.  I’m also delighted that the chicklet stumbled across it in my itunes, prompting us to turn the sitting room into our own private mosh pit for some early lessons in the art of pogo-ing.  Who said punk was dead?  It did indeed make for a Happy Home.

And also a band from the burdz yoof, in honour of the fact that they will be back in Scotland this summer as one of the acts at T in the Park that will absolutely steal the show from their younger pretenders. 

Some regular readers may know that the burd has a drummer thang going on.  Whenever I try to explain it, two words tend to suffice.  Clem Burke. 

I doubt he ever sounded or looked better, or managed to make the art of drumming look so effortless, than on this Blondie smash from 1980.  Play it loud!

…something new

This flutter, we enter the realm of the fantastically and plain stupidly monikered.  Great sounds, shame about the names.

Banjo or Freakout offer up a little slice of shoegaze for our delectation.  While Casiotone for the Painfully Alone bows out with this excellent session on Daytrotter. 

Oh, and I promised to post about a Scottish band I bumped into on a rare Friday foray out.  In return, Epic 26 promised to add me to their mailing list.  I’ve delivered…. it’s your turn boys. 

They’re on the verge, I think, of what’s known as a breakthrough.  And while the burd can’t help being reminded of all those 80s synch bands of my musical yoof, they do have a 21st Century freshness about them, and insanely catchy beats.  Almost in spite of myself, I’m liking their new single, Two to Tango, lots.

Something borrowed…

It’s amazing how this Twitter malarkey works.  One minute you’re tweeting you’re off to the Wigtown Book Fest, next thing you’re chatting online with an author and exchanging mobile numbers.  Which leads to a cosy fireside chat over a shandy in a Wigtown hostelry, finding out all about her novels, her love of historical research and myriad other projects she’s immersed in.

Before you know it, you’re reading her books and being invited to the launch of her latest novel, Secrets of the Sands.  I haven’t read it yet – I’ll be picking a signed copy up this week, natch – but can heartily recommend Sara Sheridan’s The Secret Mandarin.  “Accessible, intelligent writing” indeed.

…something blue

What’s made me blue – and turn the air blue with my potty mouth – this week?  This. 

Save the Children’s damning indictment of Scotland’s failure to end child poverty in more than a decade of devolution.  Their research estimates that 90,000 children in Scotland live in extreme poverty, going without day to day essentials that make for a safe, secure and happy childhood.  

Shame on all politicians for failing our future generation.  Shame on all of us.


One thought on “A Flutter on Friday 25th February

  1. Brilliant! Happy Home is now on my playlist, thanks for that! Loved all of it but for me the joy of your Friday flutters is that I am going to find something new for me. And Banjo or Freakout did not disappoint, bliss.

    Fine music, a tip for books and a reminder that we cannot sit on our laurels when our children are living in poverty, well done Burd!

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