A (late) Flutter on Friday 11 March

Something old…

You’ll have to forgive me for posting the flutter late and generally for being blogging lite this week.  Busy times at work and no time or head space to compose and file.

But better late than never…  And because I was in total lazy mode, I put a call out on Twitter for Tweetpeeps to help me out.

So thank you @GMasterton for this little slice of classic psychedelic pop

Who are the dedicated followers of fashion?  Well, few reside in the Scottish Parliament it seems, with one honourable exception.  Roseanna Cunningham, Minister for Environment – for you!

A couple of choons to celebrate two very different artists’ birthdays this week.  First up, a perfect TGIF track from Sly and the Family Stone, in honour of the big man’s birthday.  Dance to the music – yeah!

And while Mike Love was never the giant in this group, in more ways than one, each of the Beach Boys played their part in creating the unique, sunny Californian sound.  As winter #2 beckons, stay home and cosy and don’t worry baby

…something new

Many thanks to @jennykemp for introducing the burd to a Glasgow band that had so far, passed me by.   I’m clearly getting more trancey and ambient in my old age.  But this track from Laki Mera is just great, with fab vocals and just the right blend of electronica and beat below it (you can tell I’m out of my comfort zone here!)  Whatever, More than You is well worth a listen.

Ah, back to where my musical slippers are.  The Vaccines – much hyped, some of it warranted, but they’ll definitely be on the festival circuit this summer and if you fancy a bit of unsophisticated poppy indie guitar jangle, this will hit the mark.  @GMasterton picked this one too – and it just about qualifies as new.  Enjoy.

Just time to squeeze in one more.  Readers, prepare to be amazed, for the burd has finally discovered the delight that is the Diddy or I-Piddly or whatever he calls himself these days.  Diddy-Dirty Money is his latest and finest project to date and the album, Last Train to Paris, is a triumph.  (And no, the burd has not been invaded by an alien imposter).  This is effortless, classy, layered, clever, innovative RnB and Coming Home is probably the stand out track.

Something borrowed…

I am so sceptical of all things political these days, sometimes I even manage to scare myself.  But I hang on in there in the belief that good things can be made to happen, that politicians are at heart good people and want to do good things and that if they all just tried to get along, we’d get somewhere.  You can imagine that it’s tough going on occasion.

And then someone like Professor Susan Deacon publishes a report like “Joining the Dots”, and John Carnochan of the Violence Reduction Unit Scotland speaks on why investing in giving our children the best start in life is the most important thing Scotland can do, and you hear his “other half” in the unit, Karyn McCluskey speak at an event about engaging communities in public service reform.  And you meet everyday people doing extraordinary things, carrying more than their fair share of the load, who deserve better for themselves and their families.  There is no better cure for a dose of cynicism. 

“Being a kinship carer has lots of rewards but it isn’t easy.  I’m one of the lucky ones and have lots of family helping me.  But I’ve only recently found out about support I should have been getting from the start.  I had to give up work to look after my grandson, and a care allowance would have made a big difference.  It’s not about the money, just about making sure he has what he needs and we have a decent life.  This new service sounds great. Just knowing there will be someone at the other end of the phone to talk to when you need it will help, as will knowing how and where to go to get advice and information. My grandson and I still have a long journey ahead of us. I want to feel confident that I’ll be able to do the best I can for him as he grows up. Having access to advice, support and information will make that possible.”

It’s not a lot to ask really is it?

…something blue

This is a weekend of sleepovers:  boys in my house tonight, us over at friends tomorrow.  Have pyjamas, will travel, though not quite sure why the boys reckoned headband lights were essential accompaniments.  Oh yes, so they can switch the lights off and jump and crash around upstairs.  How silly of me. 

I’m not complaining, especially not while a terrible, terrible natural disaster is unfolding in Japan and elsewhere in the Pacific.  It’s good to count your blessings now and then, and I’ll remind myself of that when I’m still trying to get them to sleep at midnight….

When Water comes to life – Cloud Cult