A flutter on Friday 8 April

Something old…

That’ll be the burd then, who dared to venture out to a gig on a school night and is suffering for it now.  But oh, it was worth it.  The Airborne Toxic Event?  Awesome.  The best gig I’ve seen this year, and possibly will do all year.  They played a stonking set for more than an hour with a blistering version of Innocence to finish and then came back on for an encore and that is when the party really started.  Forty minute encore – cursory single track encore players please take note.  I’ve not seen a venue bouncing off the walls like that in a long time.  

They don’t get here very often but I’ll definitely be looking out for them when they do.  And a wee plug – they finally have a label deal in the UK and their new album is out on 23 April.  I’ve already got it in my diary….

What else?  Oh, Mother’s Day.  How could I forget last Friday?  So for my mum, and your mum, and a’body’s mum – this beautiful track from Alela Diane.  And this from Peggy Sue, a band I’ve been meaning to post about for yangs.  How could I have omitted them from the Buddy Holly flutter?!  The more I listen to their album Fossils and Other Phantoms, the more I want to listen to it.

…something new

The new FOUND album has been pretty much on a constant loop in this house and you too can stream it from the band’s website.  Then please, go buy it!  Current favourite tracks?  Erm, Blackette?  You’re no Vincent Gallo?  Or possibly Machine Age Dancing?

Ahh, a brand new, hot off the press album from the Raveonettes.  What d’ya mean they’re starting to sound a touch derivative?!  Actually, with each album their sound grows darker.  The trademark reverb and sound layer is still there, as on this track, Ignite, and it all adds up to a very satisfying whole and a perfect Friday soundtrack!

…something borrowed

It’s April which in Edinburgh means only one thing.  The start of the Festival season.  It kicked off with the launch of the International Festival’s programme for the summer (okay, that was in March) and I have to say I was totally nonplussed at the inclusion of so many of China’s cultural symbols of its state apparatus.  Do you think the Chinese get to see what we do?  Hmm.

On a brighter note, the Edinburgh International Science Festival kicks off on Saturday and it is definitely one of my and the chicklet’s favourites.  And just to show we are not cultural philistines, we in this nest love the Puppet Animation Festival.   Then there’s Ceilidh Culture with a host of highlights and incorporating the Edinburgh International Harp Festival. 

Who said the arts were in trouble/being slashed out of existence?

….something blue

Fare thee weel, then, Mixu.  Your nation called and you answered.  Good for you and well done Finland on recognising this man’s football management skills.  You will recall, if you were a flutter follower way back in August, that the burd was far from optimistic about the prospects for Killie FC under the Finn.  I am delighted to have been proved wrong. 

Mixu Paatelainen turned fortunes around at Kilmarnock, breathing new life into tired old legs, securing the services of some great talent through loan deals, and instilling a work ethic and a really classy passing game.  Kilmarnock are sitting high in the table and have played some of the best football in the league this season.   Aye, it was good while it lasted and here’s hoping the next manager keeps it up.

Mixu – we salute you and thank you for allowing us to hope and dream again.   And we wish you every success in your new role as Finland’s national manager.  Just not against we Scots, if you please!


4 thoughts on “A flutter on Friday 8 April

  1. I was also at The Airborne Toxic Event. They never fail to impress and by the sounds of it their second album may be even better than their first one.

  2. What’s Mixu up to, going to manage the national team of a wee, independent country of barely 5 million people that doesn’t even have any of its own oilfields and used to be a part of Sweden.
    He must be mad.
    He could have stayed in Scotland where you can comfortably be a notch above a third world country.

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