A flutter on Friday 15 April

Something old…

At least I think it’s the 15th.  That’s what a week off does for you – you lose all track of time and place, one day morphs into the other.  Delineated by daily triumphs and disasters.  Thank goodness it will all be over next week:  no more home made hair cuts and emergency runs to the barbers, no more joined at the hip with pals, quickly followed by til death (or at least teatime) fall outs, no more endless piles of washing, washing up, folding, loading and emptying.  Some people have the good sense to spend their holidays elsewhere:  one day the burd will learn.

Highlights?  A late night, though not one of our epics, spent in the company of a very good friend.  This is for us.

And this, unashamedly, is for me.  However loud you play it, it won’t be loud enough.  The best band to come out of Belgium, official. 

…something new

This is sublime – from TV on the Radio’s much lauded new album. 

This is deep, dark and definitely to be enjoyed after dark.  With a name like Declan de Barra, I’m sensing a Celtic chord being struck.

And this is just what we all need as we hit the weekend.  Vetiver – Can’t you tell?

Something borrowed…

Saturday is Record Store Day and if it’s been a while since you visited an indie record store, what more excuse do you need?  Sticking it to the man, stocking a wide and eclectic mix of music, what’s not to like – or support – about your local, friendly record store?  There’s lots happening, free gigs, great stock special for the occasion, wonderful bands doing special releases.  And in the process of trying to work out what’s what, I stumbled upon The Pop Cop.  Where have you been all of my life?  How have your gems so far passed me by?

No matter, I’m here now.  And the site has a great run down of all the stores participating in Record Store Day all around Scotland, as well as the lowdown on who is appearing where and who’s releasing what.  As well as some fabby streaming tracks from Frightened Rabbit and the View.  AND a sneaky peek at Franz Ferdinand’s covers EP.  Go;  gorge;  visit;  and buy.

…something blue

This is an all music flutter and I ain’t gonna let up now.  I’m not overly impressed with the just-announced line up for the 10th anniversary Wickerman Festival.  And feeling distinctly underwhelmed by the much-anticipated second album from Glasvegas.  Ho hum.  Good things come to those who wait – not.

But hey, it’s ten days until Easter and I’m counting, even if no one else is.  Ten.  Days.  All that remains of my Lenten fast and dear goodness, I am so looking forward to chocolate for breakfast.  I will confess, dear reader, to a lapse last week.  I’m blaming the unexpected heat wave for causing to me march to the local Co-op and buy and devour a chocolate ice lolly before realising my mistake.  I will repent at leisure and at a tenner lighter.

So blue?  Not really.  At least, only for a few days more.   But this wee gem from Camera Obscura always helps to ease the pain.