A flutter on Friday 22 April

Something old…

A very, very quick and dirty flutter this week.  You’d think because it was the start of the Easter holiday weekend I’d have time aplenty to leisurely post.  But no.  Lots to do! 

Because having been chicklet free for a week, today I get to see my baby.  And as long as I appear weighed down with Easter *stuff* he’ll be delighted.  For at least an hour.

He departed with my ipod nano clutched in his little hand, stripped of all its good stuff, packed to the gunnels with prepubescent pop.  It was a painful process downloading it all for him, I can tell you.  This is a particular favourite and it seems very appropriate right now.

But just to prove the boy does have ears, he also likes Mercury prize winners, the XX.

…something new

This first track , She Wants, from Metronomy comes off a seemingly slight, electropop offering.  The more I listen, the more I likey.

Next up, something for the weekend methinks.  And if Pet Scenes scare the Mad Mackerel, well they’ve got to be worth a listen.  Enjoy (though not sure this is actually the right word).

And a sad one to finish with.  This week saw the triumphal return of TV on the Radio with a highly acclaimed fourth album.  They should have been riding high, celebrating;  instead they are mourning the death of their bassist.  If ever there was a reminder that life really is too damn short…

…something borrowed

I was going to vote yes in the AV referendum but the silver-tongued Kevin Williamson pointed out the error of my ways and I was sold.  So the burd is backing the anti-referendum, the campaign that aims to put a little oomph into the meh world of constitutional reform. 

Led by Bella Caledonia, a bunch of us – flowers in the desert if you like – will be spoiling our ballot papers on the referendum and writing big and bold INDEPENDENCE.

The burd is fed up being fed platitudes about when the right time is to talk about doing better for our country.  I’ve had enough of being telt what to do by politicians whom I increasingly suspect of having sold the jerseys.  And I’m more than a little amused to find myself on a journey in my dotage that takes me far, far away from constructed gradualism and is heading straight down the track marked unreconstructed fundamentalism.  How can we ever make the case for change if all anyone wants to do is keep the status quo?

At the end of the day, do I care much which method of voting is used for a Parliament I would like to leave us alone?  No.  AV.  Not alternative vote but Alba Voice.

…something blue

Today is Earth Day, so designated to remind and inspire people of the wonder that is our world.  So what are you going to do today to show your commitment to environmental protection and sustainability?

The burd reckons she’s already made her contribution this week.  Requiring a new lawnmower, I hummed and hawed and took the plunge on a wee push-pull mower.  Nae electrics, nae petrol, just sweat and tears, and hopefully nae blood, required.

Not only does it deliver a great cut and fabulous stripes but it provides a much needed workout.   Down with gyms, up with mowing.

Seriously though, pledge to do something, anything to green your lifestyle.  Yep, it’s a futile gesture when we are allowing the Chinese to buy up countries and mountains in order to mine them into oblivion and deep drill exploration is about to commence in the Arctic.  But at least you will know you did your bit.

5 thoughts on “A flutter on Friday 22 April

  1. I understand the motives behind the Independence on the ballot paper plan, but I’m not convinced it will achieve much. Spoiled ballot papers are counted as just that: spoiled. Nobody will count how many have “independence” written on them, so we won’t know how many people actually did it, making it hard to construct an argument on the back of it.

    Given that the AV referendum looks set to be tight, people’s votes would be better used voting in favour of AV. That gives us a fairer voting system at Westminster, which we can use to elect more SNP MPs, to help bring about independence in that way.

  2. A push pull lawnmower?

    Slap me with a halibut and call me Doreen!

    I haven’t seen one of those since circa 1971.

    There’s maybe a way back for the Hillman Avenger, eight track systems and Subbuteo yet!

    As my contribution to the environment I’ll be bathing in Loch Lomond from now on. This follows on last week’s measure of replacing the leather driver’s seat in my 4×4 with a metal spike.

  3. Status Quo poor band and poorer position equals indecision and bankrupt on ideas. Shake it up.

    Admire the green approach, Had a push pull lawnmower myself, picked it up at the council skip last year after showing my passport and three other forms of ID to get in the gate to throw out my flymo.
    Unfortunately, my gardens not a bowling green so I went over the handlebars to many times in my enthusiasm using it.

    Have a good weekend. Nothing greens futile, if I was a betting man two countires I would bet on to be true self-sufficient greens in my life time will be Scotland and China, hopefully together.

  4. Glad to see the Burd has seen the light and will be voting no to av!

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