A flutter on Friday 29 April: weddings, workers and wan…er, elections

Now I know regulars don’t like me messing with the flutter but too bad.  There’s loads to cram in this week and it just won’t fit in the usual formula.  So for one week only…

Try as I might, there’s just no escaping the Wedding.  So here are a selection of choons, as chosen by Twitter pals, for your delectation, in celebration (!) of the happy union of Wills and Kate.  Take your pick!

Billy Idol – White Wedding;  Billy Bragg – Take Down the Union Jack;  the Wedding Present – My Favourite Dress;  the Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK;  Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire (no I don’t get this one either but apparently it’s the bookies’ favourite???);  The Smiths – the Queen is Dead;  and against my better judgement, Roy Orbison – Penny Arcade (cos it was penned by Sammy King, see?)

The burdz choice?  Blue as your Blood from the Walkmen

Now here is something worth celebrating – International Worker’s Day.  I might be feeling a bit nonplussed at an enforced day off for Royalty but I am more than happy to down tools and celebrate the role of workers everywhere.  And be mindful, in the current climate, of not only having a job, but a good one and one that I love.  O wondrous proletariat, the burd salutes you.

Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding;  Parka – Bosses and Bastards; Ewan McColl – Manchester Rambler;  David McWilliams – Redundancy Blues;  Electric Tickle Machine – Gimme Money

And of course…. please be upstanding, ladies and gentlemen, for your international anthem, as sung by the incomparable Alistair Hulett and Jimmy Gregory.  Though you might also like it in Spanish

Oh, and in case you’d forgotten, there’s the small matter of the Holyrood election to be voted for in less than a week.

So, this for the Lib Dems – Down in this Hole by the Builders & the Butchers.   And for the Conservatives – These Barren Years by Admiral Fallow

For the Greens – something special from the Sunderbans, We Only Can Because We Care

Oh, Scottish Labour, it just has to be This Losing (the Airborne Toxic Event) and Heartbroken, in Disrepair by Dan Auerbach

And for the mighty SNP, what else but Glittering Prize by Simple Minds and of course, Beautiful Future by Primal Scream

Two more – one for politicians everywhere.  Old Devils from the wonderful William Elliott Whitmore

Finally, one for us.  No matter who you decide to vote for next Thursday, let’s vote!!!

Two last choons, apropos nothing you’d understand and a blogpost just wouldn’t be long enough to explain.  Enjoy them anyway!

Le Loup – Forgive Me and the Xcerts – Just go Home


6 thoughts on “A flutter on Friday 29 April: weddings, workers and wan…er, elections

  1. One for International workers day, to try and improve the gender balance.
    A great song written by Judy Small. Sorry couldn’t find her singing it, so the McCalmans will hopefully do.

    • yep this one is great – I’m going to update this bit of the post for Monday morning so will add this in but meantime will keep looking for a version by Judy Small. It is exquisite and deserves to be shared.

  2. Rolling about laughing here. I am one of those who get upset when you mess about with Friday’s flutters. I swear when I am low I just wait for it. A bit like my chocolate after Lent. I love these picks. Though your tall pal did want Liar by Queen for all politicians, oh the cynic. A wonderful flutter missus.

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