Whatever else you do today… vote!


It’s polling day and there’s no substantive post today – but there will be a shared feature involving me and one of them there anoraks calling the ones to watch, the bellweathers and the wildcards to keep you amused until counting begins in the wee sma’ hours of Friday.  And please check in at Better Nation through the night of the 5th as the gang will be live blogging on rumours and results as they happen!

But fankly, is there anything more substantive than democracy?  As a history student I have wept and marvelled at the persistence of men and women in Britain throughout the 19th and 20th centuries to demand and insist upon the right to vote.  There is simply nothing more precious.  That rather emotional response has been repeated during my lifetime watching various countries and peoples achieve the most basic human right to free elections.

So, a message – to everyone who claims not to have the time, who lets work, home, life get in the way – please look at this photograph, taken from the very first South African vote in 1994, the first time that black South Africans were given equal franchise with their white counterparts.

Look at this, and then tell me democracy is meaningless.

….Whatever else you need to do today, please vote.


2 thoughts on “Whatever else you do today… vote!

  1. Brought a wee tear to my eye, that one. Democracy; our right to say what we want, live how we will, vote for those who will decide our future. A privilege we must never take for granted. Vive la liberte!

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