A special post-election flutter

Better late than never.  Blame THAT election and THAT result, which we are still coming to terms with.

So, this flutter is to mark all that occurred on the now historic Thursday 5 May.  Thanks to friends on Facebook and Twitter, it has something for everyone.  Enjoy.

First up, a few choons for the winners.  This from the Manic Street Preachers hits all the right notes – A Design for Life.  Someone suggested the Impossible Song by Roddy Woomble.  I couldn’t find it but stumbled across this instead and boy, are the lyrics appropriate.  A New Day has Begun indeed.

And then there is Primal Scream’s Come Together.  Coldplay’s Yellow was a popular choice.  *Look at the stars, look at how they shine for you*  And keeping on with the yellow theme, how about Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi?

People are clearly feeling the portent of events on Thursday, this song from the Silencers captures the mood perfectly.  I can feel it.

A few cheesy ones now – Abba’s The Winner takes it all;  KC and the Sunshine Band Nats the way I like it  (apparently)

And finally, a little something from Paul Mounsey – Alba.  Of course!

For the vanquished, this from Garbage sums it all up perfectly.  It’s all over but the crying.

A couple of cheeky ones:  Last American Great Whale (for endangered species everywhere was the proposer’s reasoning).  And It’s not easy being Green by Kermit the Frog.  Yes my credentials are shot to hell…

Someone suggested this for the Lib Dems in light of the pain Nick Clegg has inflicted on them:  it’s my own cheating heart that makes me cry.  Liar, liar, pants on fire – oh how appropriate.

And how about Wipeout by the Beach Boys, for just about everyone really.

And now we get maudlin…  Everybody Hurts by REM.  Of course.  Then In my hour of darkness by Gram Parsons (with Emmy Lou Harris).  And this, I didn’t see it coming by Belle and Sebastian.  Oh, and I know it’s over by the Smiths.  Aye, we’re totally in the doldrums now.

But there’s still room for a note or two of optimism! It’s the end of the world as we know it by REM was suggested a few times. And this I think is a good one and strikes all the right notes:  Build by the Housemartins.

And this was a nice thought – someone suggested we include Sunshine on Leith for Malcolm Chisholm.  But also for Shirley Anne Somerville, a fine young female MSP who did not make it back this time.

Finally, a couple of ecumenicals…

for winners and losers alike, this from Dan Kelly & the Alpha Males – Drunk on Election Night.

And a parting thought, or is that shot – a reminder to the victors, as so many of the vanquished found out on Thursday, as sure as eggs is eggs and elections are elections, what goes up can also come down.  Ain’t that right Patsy? *you’ve hit the top but it won’t last, there’s just one way to go…*

What, you thought we’d finish on a sour note?  Nah.  Thursday was momentous.  It will be while before we see a day like it.

If it makes Labour go away and sort out who they are and what they stand for, then that will be a very good thing.  For Scotland and for Scottish politics.

On Thursday, the Scottish people, in their own quiet, unassuming way, started a revolution.  And that is definitely worth celebrating.