A Flutter on Friday 20 May

Something old…

Yes I know.  A day late.  Again.  What can I say, I drove hunners of miles around Scotland in two days and was too whacked to do anything last night.

It was an educational trip in lots of ways, not least because it took me from Edinburgh, past Perth, through Dundee and Aberdeen, on to Keith, then through Elgin and Nairn, before finishing up just outside Inverness.  The return trip was more straightforward, down the A9 and then M9 home.  And the lesson?  That it is not until you drive through half of Scotland that the scale of the SNP victory on 5 May actually hits you.  I covered a lot of miles and every single one of them was in an SNP held constituency.  Stunning.

Listening to Bryan Burnett’s Get it On made for perfect company on a Friday evening drive home.  Last night’s theme was to replace “love” with “lunch” and boy were there some funnies.  Can’t buy me lunch;  lunch in an elevator;  big lunch;  don’t take your lunch to town; lunch is a many splendoured thing and so on.  Though lots of really good ones didn’t make it in.  Such as XTC’s Lunch on a farm boy’s wages.  And Neil Diamond’s Lunch on the Rocks;  the Big Pink’s Lunch in Vain  (in fact they could have had several contenders) and Dunfermline’s finest (since the Skids and Big Country) the Draymin with Lunch will see you through

Any more for any more?  Post your suggestions in the comments section!

…something new

Ooh, ooh, I can hardly contain myself.  At last Elliott Brood’s new album is nearly out.  And Northern Air is the perfect opener – a gentle reprise of all that is good about this Canadian trio.  Why do I like them so?  A hard one.  Three guys totally in synch, with great individual musical talent.  A perfect blend, this time with moothie, always a bonus in the burdz book.  And that voice.  At turns, growling, gruff, soft and plaintive.  The burd is smitten.  This one is a lifelong love affair.  Free to download!

But lotsa great music around right now and the chance to plug – again – one of my favourite music sites, Any Decent Music.  It’s how I find stuff that otherwise might pass me by.  You can browse, listen and buy all in the one space.  So two albums discovered there that have been on constant play on the shuffle this week:  first, PS I Love You Meet me at the Muster Station.  According to one reviewer, it’s *a 30-minute dream of fast backbeats and soaring distortion that will quicken your heartbeat, and have you singing in nonsense tongues you don’t understand*.  Which says it all really.

And second, Okkervil River’s damn fine sixth album, I am very Far.  I liked this track, for the name as much as the choon, shallow creature that I am – the Piratess.

Something borrowed…

And regular readers might want to know where is the burdz tribute to big bad Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday?  There isn’t one.  Pah.  Never really got the Bob thing.  Still don’t see what all the fuss was about frankly.  In fact, in the burdz humble opinion, Bob’s finest moments are with songs he borrowed from someone else.  Or when someone else borrowed one of his.  And that’s yer lot.

Anything else happening this week?  No?  Oh, okay then.

…something blue

Well, I’ve been a bit slow on the gardening front this year but somehow it kinda falls into place.  Thank goodness for Mother Nature.  May is a fine time in the burdz back garden.  The meconopsis is flowering for the first time ever, and the columbine – four different varieties, natch – is in full bloom.  And there is a perfect silvery white veronica that flutters beautifully in these funny old winds we’ve been having.

The blue garden out front is about to come into its own, I hope, promising a bumper show of bearded irises, alliums, lavendar and geraniums.  No rain for a week please!

The sowing is way behind – the seeds are being chucked in the ground this weekend – the weeding gets me down but when it’s done and all looking tidy and glorious, well it’s a joy to behold.  Oh and the push pull mower thing is working out very well, thanks for asking.


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  1. Thanks for the link to Any Decent Music.

    I’ll check out these records.

    A free listening music station I use a lot is


    Most stuff is there (‘except Elvis, Paul McCartney and the Beatles) and I often listen to music while posting. There is the odd 25 second advert but I like it.

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