A Flutter on Friday 3 June

Something old…

These tunes?  Apropos nothing really.  Other than the fact that I like them.  A lot.  And they’re darned good choons for a sunny Friday.

The Whigs – I never want to go home;   Sons & Daughters – This Gift;   Johnny Cash and June Carter – Jackson;  Kings of Leon – Crawl;   Favourite Sons – No one ever dies young

…something new

And if you’re feeling short-changed ‘cos chances are I’ve posted at least some of these before, tant pis.  But to address the deficit, visit Mad Mackerel’s Best of the month for May 2011 with 29 – yes, 29! – fabulous new tracks covering a wide range of genres to download.  Every single one free and legal.

I’d recommend  The Blood Arm, Waters, The Stripminers, Abigail Washburn, Slim Twig and Howling Owls.  Elliott Brood and the Roadside Graves are a given.  And the offering from Bonnie *Prince* Billy is *one of his eeriest in years* according to the estimable MM.

Something borrowed….

There are some writers and artists who enrich our lives with every utterance and keystroke, and any gifts they bestow on us are eagerly anticipated and seized upon.

Don Paterson.  The man defies superlatives, his talent knows no bounds.  No word wasted or out of place.  Read him whole then dissect and wallow in the wonder of his wisdom.

So treat yourself and visit his website.  Remember to hit the home button several times to enjoy the poems he has lodged there, including my current favourite (if I really was pushed to pick just one), Rain.

Check out the music but most of all, go to Other Writing and read and rejoice in  the articles about his poetry. Landing Light most of all:  a beautiful paeon to his twins and so much more.

Then go buy Landing Light.

…something blue

Ach, I could depress you with all the things that have been getting me down this week – the situation in Syria, the terrible abuse exposed by Panorama. the farcical re-election of Sepp Blatter as President of FIFA, the fact that I’m feeling fat, frumpy and oh so fortyish – but hey it’s the weekend and there are just as many reasons to be cheerful.

Catching up with old and dear friends;  the chicklet enjoying his first ever drumming lesson and his first school football match tomorrow;  the Big Yin proving that not all teenagers are adverse to hard work;  the demise of the wind and the re-appearance of the sun;  the tennis and of course, the garden.

Have a good ‘un!


2 thoughts on “A Flutter on Friday 3 June

  1. Don’t feel shortchanged at all! Thanks for tip re mad mackerel, ooh howling owls and Elliot Brood, tippy ding.

    And trust me missus you aint fat and I am rolling about at the idea of you ever being frumpy. Dear God woman frumps don’t jump up and down at gigs!

    A fine flutter, I needed this, ta!

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