A Flutter on Friday 1 July

Something old….

Quick let’s celebrate summer, it must only have another day left.  At most.

A sunshiney old track?  Hmmm…  Scarily, I recall this choon coming on to Top of the Pops and being wowed.  The good thing about TOTP in those days is that it was on a Thursday night, which meant that you could hotfoot it to Woolworths on a Saturday to get your mitts on choons that piqued your interest. 

Ah the good old days. 

And as we are currently surveying the wreckage of my adolescent past – but not too closely thanks – how about this one?  Apart from being a stonking track, I always liked it because I grew up a Valley girl.  Enjoy.

..something new

Keeping along the sunshiney road, lots of good music around right now that is just made for days at the beach.  Or would be if we had a summer worth going to the beach for.

I’m liking this track, picked up on Mad Mackerel (still the best music blog around IMHbutbiasedO).  Though less enamoured with the band name and that of the choon.  Slime by Sleeping Bag.  Yes really.  Unfurl your wrinkled nose and open your ears.

And talking of MM he/she/they – it’s a family affair these days – there is another fabulous monthly round up with tens of tunes free and legal to download.  Here are two that caught my attention:

Horizon by Virgin Passages

Circle Day by Buffalo Killers

Something borrowed…

Have had my nose pressed against the window of bookshops rather a lot recently.  I’m clearly needing a wee fix.  Though still have never managed to read everything that is strategically placed at the bedside, in the bag, on the floor, on the sideboard, and occasionally even on the bookshelves.  Even though I promised. 

But what is exciting me is the compelling urgency with which the reading list must be compiled.  So far I have been given the Eels man, Mark Oliver Everett’s autobiography.  So that’s one less to buy.  And I’ve been saving Andrea Levy’s the Long Song from a previous sortie.

But other than that I’m open to suggestions.  Anyone read anything good recently that they’d recommend for poolside reading? 

…something blue

Well that’s that then.  School over for another year.  Though only here in Scotland, in case I have panicked the bejeesus out of anyone down South.

And I have to confess to there being a wee tear in my eye.  Not at the thought of having the chicklet around all summer – he won’t be for starters, and that’s much more likely to make me weepy.  But at how quickly he is growing up. 

Still, I’m a way away from the real tearjerker that is watching them “graduate” from secondary school.  That is an enormous milestone, and having been through it once already, I’m in no hurry to repeat it.

the Ramones – Rock n Roll High School

2 thoughts on “A Flutter on Friday 1 July

  1. good reading? Ali Smith’s “there but for the” is fantastic. In middle of hollinghurst’s ‘The Stranger’s Child’ and loving it. and have recently got into Jo Nesbo, who’s perfect for the pool. And if you havent, by chance, read James Robertson’s ‘and the Land Lay Still’, you’ve got a treat to come…. McCoombe’s ‘Downfall’ made me sad, but it’s a good read.

    • Ah these are such good recommendations. Thanks! Definitely Ali Smith and will seek out Jo Nesbo. And yes, have been saving James Robertson for the paperback edition. That’s me with six, probably all that my measly Ryanair 20kg will allow!!

      Can’t wait now!! And just like with packed lunches, will probably end up reading one of them before I even get there. Or get going!

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