Why FED beats TED

Next week, Edinburgh will be honoured when TED Global rolls into town.   And lucky us, it’s going to be an annual event.

TED began in 1984 and is a nonprofit organisation “devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading”.  It’s a great construct but sadly, it would appear its ideas are only worth spreading to people with money to burn.  The line up is great, with some fantastic speakers at this summer’s conference, but at an eye-watering £3,700 for the four days, it’s beyond the means of most.

Thank goodness then for Realpolitik and Bella Caledonia who have joined forces to organise a one day FED – Ideas worth Sustaining on Saturday 9 July.  Similar to TED but different and better.

Just like TED, the line-up of speakers is inspiring, including Robin McAlpine, Lorna Waite, Kevin Williamson, Gerry Hassan and Kevan Shaw.  I foolishly agreed to take part in the closing session, drawing reflections from the day.  And frankly, dear reader, I am bricking it to be in such exalted company.  Thankfully, I won’t have to contribute much of my own witterings, just draw on the excellence of others.  Phew.

And like TED, there will be an artistic angle, with the afternoon’s deep thinking and talking finishing with poetry from Elspeth Murray.  And then drinks.   The social bit where all the best ideas will happen but fortunately no one will remember them on Sunday.

But unlike TED (as far as I can tell from its schedule) FED is inclusive and there will be an opportunity for “folk” to have their say and pitch their ideas and views.

And totally unlike TED, the cost of attending FED is a much more affordable fiver.  That’s right, £5.  Within the grasp of most mortals.

Without hearing a single pitch or presentation, without even stepping over the door, I’m prepared to go out on a wing and declare that FED beats TED.

Be there or be square, as it used to be cool to say.

You can book a place here.

One thought on “Why FED beats TED

  1. Okay, I know I’m going to regret this but what are TED and FED?

    The TED website uses a lot of “z’s” in places where “s’s” should be and the word “famous” repeatedly but I get a distinct whiff of the self-important.

    FED – surely all ideas are worth sustaining? Even the rubbish ones can serve as a lesson/warning for others!

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