A topical flutter on Friday 8 July 2011

Sorry flutter fans, but the seismic events of this week demand a deviation from the norm.

The News International stuff is so big, so debilitating, and so all-encompassing, I confess to having toiled to get my head around it all, with a view to proffering an opinion.  The fact that it’s moving very fast and developing practically hour by hour hasn’t helped.  In turns, I am shocked, stunned, nauseated, appalled and angry.  Just not quite sure at whom really.

So while I gather my thoughts for a blogpost, let’s have a little fun at their expense.  Though not at the 200 journalists – and no doubt sundry others associated with production of the News of the World – who have lost their jobs.  The sacrificial lambs?  Yep, but it was always thus: the little people always get it while the rich and powerful survive.  Surely not?  Not this time.

This Friday then, some choons that speak to the scandal, as chosen by chums on Twitter and pals on Facebook.  (Which is a disclaimer of sorts for some of the choices!  The ones I particularly like – choonfully – are asterisked.)  Thank ye all for sharing!


*the Jam – News of the World

the Zombies – She’s not there

REM – It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Lamb of God – Blacken the Cursed Sun

The Sundays – Here’s where the story ends

*Teardrop Explodes – World shut your mouth

*Blondie – Hanging on the telephone

Def Leppard – Two steps behind

*Joe Jackson – Sunday papers

Harvey Andrews – Mr Twintub

Morrissey – Last of the Famous International Playboys

Laura Marling – Rebecca

*Johnny Cash – God’s gonna cut you down

Frank Zappa – I’m the Slime

ELO – Telephone line

*KRS One – Sound of da Police

*Elvis Costello – Watching the detectives

*the Pixies – Nimrod’s Son

Fleetwood Mac – Little lies

*Captain Sensible – Glad it’s all over

U2 – Sunday bloody Sunday

the Beatles – Paperback writer

*the Fall – Telephone thing

the Outlaws – Hurry Sundown

Connie Francis – Who’s sorry now

Nik Kershaw – I won’t let the Sun go down on me

Christy Moore – Scallcrows (now with link – thanks @whiterose1314)

*She and Him – In the Sun

*Space – Female of the Species

*Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Burn it down

UPDATE – I forgot one…. hangs head in shame… so here it is, especially for Peat Worrier and Sean McP

Thea Gilmore – My Voice


3 thoughts on “A topical flutter on Friday 8 July 2011

  1. Still laughing my head off at some of these, wonderful. Just what we need to kick start the weekend. No doubt this scummy paper will rise like the dreadful phoenix it is under a new name. But what has changed is the perception that the little people can change things. Hopefully we little people will one day have courage enough to admit our own hypocrisy as we snuggle down to watch Sky.

  2. If you’ve got something to hide, if you’ve got something to sell
    If you’ve got somebody’s pride she might kiss and tell
    Or wind up with a fight fan in the Hammersmith Hotel
    You better speak up now if you want your piece
    You better speak up now
    It won’t mean a thing later
    Yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper

    Elvis Costello

  3. There’s also Rupert, Rupert Murdoch, everyone knows his name, and all of his games

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