A Flutter on Friday 15 July

something old….

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray, Oh and the chicklet is heading home, oh yes he is… today!

One leaves, the other returns and my empty nest syndrome is no more.  Oh joy.

I’m not much good at the single life.  Who knew?  All that wishing for some space and some peace and when I get it, I pine.  Still that’s it over for another year.  Thank goodness.

The X-Certs Just Go Home

Musee Mecanique Like Home

Thin Lizzy the Boys are back in town  (or at least one of them is)

…something new

Mad Mackerel has had a make over and very nice it is too.

Thankfully, the quality of music is just the same.  Fab.  So, go and browse and try and then buy.

Two gems to share with you – this from the Jacuzzi Boys,  Cool Vapor  and a quite outstanding live video performance from Suuns Gaze

Something borrowed….

J’aime le Tour.  Not just a little bit, a huge enormous bit.  And now we are in the mountains and the big boys have come out to play.

Ah where to begin?  Well, how about with wee Mark Cavendish, whose thighs are almost as broad as he is tall.  He is fast heading for a record-breaking numbers of stage wins.  Gone is the puppy fat, some of the churlishness, none of the determination nor star quality.  And he is still as entertainingly honest in interviews.

Then there are the crashes, some of them utterly spectacular and terrifying.  Broken bones, barbed wire wounds requiring stitches, concussion, bruises, cuts, oh and did I mention the broken bones?  These boys are hard as nails.  Knocked off the road by a car?  Two days’ rest then it’s back on the bike.

On Tuesday, David Millar limped home at the tail of the peloton, battered after two crashes, utterly spent.  A day later and he’s leading the train in the final kilometre, head down, pumping furiously, reaching 80km an hour, trying to set up victory for his team’s young sprinter Tyler Farrar.  If ever a man deserved a stage win and a little glory it’s Millar.

Which is why I’m taking the pops to hear him talk about his life at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August.  Only 35 he’s lived it twice over and will make for fascinating company.

Le Tour is only half way through, and if you’ve never watched, please do seek it out on ITV4.  There is no greater sporting spectacle.

…something blue

Regular readers might have noticed I’ve been blogging light recently.  I’m supposed to have been doing other stuff like decorating and managing to avoid that too.

Excuses?  A few, all too boring to detail.  But definitely in need of a wee break.  So expect it to get lighter still, but only for the summer.  And if there’s nothing here of interest, visit some of the very fine blogs on the roll.  Plenty to keep you amused, and to disagree with, I’m sure.

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