5 thoughts on “Pity the poor tenant who is now getting poorer

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  2. yes Falkirk Council is special,they only introduced charges for Mex alarms and some care services,We give with one hand and take etc……

  3. This article has got me thinking:

    The SNP have promised that for any council that they win control of, they will guarantee a “living wage” for employees, which will no doubt have an increase in costs. How big is open to debate, but is this not going to add yet another burder on council expenditure?

    This money needs to come from somewhere, and could this mean even more rent rises? Fine if you are an employee who benefits, but not so much if you are already struggling to make ends meet.

  4. Normally the Burd is a little more objective and broad-minded than this. Rather than slamming all councils as if they were pillaging the pockets of the poor as a matter of course, why is there no mention of:
    1) The Labour-led Scottish Parliament passing high-minded Homeless legislation that comes home to roost this year when councils MUST house homeless from anywhere but have been given squat by way of financing to cope?
    2) The de facto extension of Social Work into Housing where more and more of society’s less advantaged and dysfunctional people are provided with housing but the average Joe has to wait years in astronomically priced private lets because it takes years to undo the council house building inertia of the Labour years?
    3) That some councils (let’s say East Lothian’s SUB-CPI rise) didn’t ‘stick it’ to people with 6% rises and, at 60% of Edinburgh’s price, remains the 2nd-lowest rent in the country while remaining the most popular place to live?
    4) Even if they’d raised rents 10% they’d STILL be lower than Falkirk’s, so why should Falkirk merit commendation?
    5) If you visit some council housing, you find is a ghettoised disgrace in terms of basic wind/water tightness, let alone modern kitchen/bathroom upgrades that make people proud as well as comfortable in their homes. I dare you to find a better, more modern, less socially stigmatised housing stock than East Lothian’s at ANY rent.
    If the Burd thinks councils are simply part of the problem, then she didn’t use her time as a councillor herself understanding that they will be instrumental in any solution. Why then piss ALL of them off and not just the lazy/spendthrift deadbeats?

  5. Just one more reason why I won’t be voting for any current councillors in Edinburgh.

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