LIVEBLOG: Council election results 2012

Welcome to the burdz live blog, where we hope to be giving you a flavour of results coming in from a range of counts around the country.  And if we’re lucky, break some news too!

10.50 Turnouts look to be higher than expected – which is great.  Though not sure we should be celebrating that over 40% is a great day for democracy just yet.  Still, better than we thought…. Edinburgh turnout looking to be around 44% similar to that in Highland and the Scottish Borders.

10.53 BREAKING – Steve Cardownie, leader of SNP Group and former Depute Leader of Edinburgh Council, appears to be in trouble on first preferences.  Which doesn’t mean he is not going to get elected but a bit of surprise to find a longstanding councillor with such a high profile struggling to get in on the first sweep.  And what if votes don’t transfer to him?  Is there an STV expert in the house?

10.54 Almond ward likely to be the first to declare in Edinburgh.  Due shortly.  Norrie Work, SNP councillor seeking re-election, is well ahead on first preferences.

10.55 BREAKING – Steve Cardownie 3rd on first preferences in Forth ward, Edinburgh council

11.01 Lovely to hear Mark Ruskell elected as a Green councillor for Stirling and Robert Brown elected in Rutherglen in South Lanarkshire council – both former MSPs

11.02 for up to the minute, live etc from lots of counts

11.03 results starting to come in from Dumfries and Galloway.  BREAKING – Lochar ward John Charteris is OUT.  Ivor Hyslop, Conservative former leader of the council, only elected on 5th preferences.  SNP Hongmai Jin elected for the first time.

11.08  Edinburgh council – Inverleith ward.  Lesley Hinds has a huge lead and likely to be safely returned.

11.08  Results so far from Glasgow, not sure if these are confirmed or not – 7 Labour councillors, 4 SNP, 1 Lib Dem.  Looks like mine and Malc H’s prediction of a whitewash for Lib Dems was wrong then!

11.45  Live blog has dried up!  Curses.  Moles in counts appear to have been rumbled.  Boo!  Main media outlets have live blogs and updates.  And of course, there’s twitter….

15.01 We’re back – and it’s nearly all over!  Malc H whose sources clearly haven’t dried up reckons Labour has a majority in Glasgow.  Which will be remarkable.  But then, they did have two full time staff plus someone from London seconded in to work on the election so it shows that resources pay off.  And despite a good showing elsewhere in the country, that will dent the SNP’s narrative.

15.01  Meanwhile, Lib Dem leader Jenny Dawe loses her seat in Edinburgh, Steve Cardownie comes close.  Very disappointed that Alison Lindsay didn’t get in in Drumbrae/Gyle – SNP likely to have 2 (at most) women councillors in the capital.  A disgrace.  But on the bright side, SNP looking like being largest party.  Still a lot of seats to come.

15.04  Fantastic results for the SNP in Aberdeenshire, North Ayrshire, Angus, Stirling and Dundee.  And similar for Labour in Renfrewshire, West Dunbartonshire, East Lothian.

15.04  Anyone care to predict what’s going to happen in North Lanarkshire?  Nip and tuck it seems, with SNP making gains – but will they be enough?

15.05  Scottish Greens – having a fantastic election.  With consolidation and gains in councils like Midlothian, Aberdeenshire and Edinburgh.  Malc and I predicted 20 councillors overall – will they reach that tally?

15.05  Very dear to my heart – just waiting to hear if the redoubtable Jim McClung has held on to my dad’s old council seat.  Mixed bag for the SNP in Dumfries and Galloway.  A few gains but also a few losses too.

15.07  What do overall results tell us?  Not great for the Tories, disastrous for the Lib Dems.  A very good election for Labour who seem to have recovered territory and vote share from their low watermark in 2007.  But still good for the SNP.  John Curtice suggests the gains have been slight since 2007

15.11 but he seems to be forgetting that these gains come from a very high starting point.

15.11 Suggestions from SNP camp in Edinburgh earlier that Labour might end up with largest number of seats.  Wonder if they are still being so pessimistic?


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