The Queen who Stares at Boats

The Jubilee.  Day Four.  And so it continues.

Some of us are losing the will to live.  Or just avoiding the housework while appreciating a day off.

Others have given up and have started watching it all – you know who you are.

But!  There is hope!  We might not have a media capable of anything other than sycophancy.  We might not have a single comedian worthy of the name willing or able to satirise the whole schtuck.

But there will always be Jon Stewart.  I cried laughing.  The best coverage of the Jubilee I’ve seen so far.

Can’t wait to see what he makes of last night’s concert.  Big hat tip to Sunny Hundal at Liberal Conspiracy for finding it.  Even bigger one to Mediaite for daring treachery, no doubt under muttered threats about the Tower of London.

The Queen Who Stares at Boats


5 thoughts on “The Queen who Stares at Boats

  1. There is tennis, of course it is just the FRENCH open, not the other place.
    Nobody has told Novak or J W T and again the big man frae the Pampas and the man wi the GOLD tennis gear – rock on Tommy an oor Andys got a real hummer the morra, guid luck to him he’ll need it on clay

  2. I love’d it (speaking as someone who has steadfastly managed to avoid all of the “coverage”)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. We went to Ireland to escape this royalist beanfest, but had to come to Belfast for work and are holed up in our hotel room trying to avoid the last few hours of this nonsense. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart!

  4. Oddly, best newspaper comment so far is to be found in the soaraway SUN, courtesy Bill Leckie,
    Last night’s spectacular show was essentially totally English but I found the fact that Elton John and Paul McCartney can no longer sing strangely significant. This was a celebration of the past and nothing to do with the the future.
    One wonders what Betty and Phil actually think of the fawning sycophancy.
    In the meantime in the real world the anti-Independence army are determined tha the case for the union will not be a negative one. As I write they are beavering away to find a positive word to replace the word “no”.

  5. Superb! Thank you Kate – made my day. Brilliant to know that there is at least one satirist out there…………

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