Not that NATO resolution

This blogpost should be about the debate – and excellent it turned out to be – on the update to SNP defence policy.

But some things are better reflected on, over a glass or two, and slept on.  It’s amazing how ithers see us, is as much as I will say at this juncture.

Some of you might not have picked up via social media what actually happened in the various votes, so here are the scores on the doors for anyone who missed them.

Amendment b) to the resolution was passed by acclaim – can’t remember what it was about, but it was favourable to the resolution.

Amendment a) was roundly defeated.  The big one was on amendment c) and it was defeated by 394 votes to 365 – a difference of only 29.

Then there was a remit back – it was defeated by 425 to 360 votes.  Finally, we got to vote on the substantive resolution itself (as amended) and it was carried 426 votes to 332.

If all this is double dutch, apologies – the point of blogging from SNP conference is to reach the parts of the party, the mainstream media ignore.  I’ll be happy to provide a tutorial as to the votes and what they mean in tomorrow’s blogpost.


Meanwhile, Marco Biagi MSP led an interesting resolution earlier in the day which took the SNP’s policy on higher education a few steps further.  He called on the Scottish Government to legislate to widen access to higher education and require universities to act to increase the number of young people from lower income  backgrounds and deprived communities going to university.  What will this mean in practice?  Well, I will nab him at conference and ask him to explain.  But the idea of enforcing activity to close the inequality gap is a novel one and it remains to be seen how it goes down with government sources.  If I can elicit a response on that, I will.

On which note, there is a media reception to attend and corners in which to cluster to pick over the remains of the great debate.  A demain.