10 things I learned at Wickerman

So, we finally made it back after a two year hiatus to Wickerman. And discovered that the more things change, the more they stay the same. There’s a proper music review on the way, meantime, here are ten things I learned at this year’s festival.

1. The onesie, worn in daylight, in public? Wrong, just wrong.

2. There are more pork pie hats – in both winter felt and summer straw versions – at this festival than probably any other. Some of them even still fit their owners’ heads.

3. If you ever want to fill a dance floor, I’d recommend anything by Chic. With everyone aged 1 to 80 up dancing through the whole set, this is the year Wickerman installed its glitter ball.

4. Dear K T, you may have spent the last year in Arizona recording but that’s no excuse for that Atlantic twang.

5. Family friendly would appear to mean that you get your weans to carry you home.

6. Whoever did the scheduling for the Go North and Solus tents and put them side by side so you could sit next to them all day in the sunshine and scarcely miss a note or band? Genius.

7. When the weans chant *burn him* spontaneously, rhythmically and menacingly, the festival’s job is clearly done.

8. the Wickerman makes a mean mojito.

9. The bigger Scooter tent comes with added uphill slope to the stage. How thoughtful of the organisers to provide a much needed work out for all those forty something ska and punk revivalists.

10. When the sun is shining, the music’s good, the company is convivial and the folk are friendly, there’s nowhere quite like home.

One thought on “10 things I learned at Wickerman

  1. Hey Kate. Make me jealous why don’t you! Glad you had a good festival. Don’t know if you made it to the spoken word tent, if so, I hope they were all behaving themselves. Have to say though since of them number amongst my closest friends I would very much doubt this.

    Love and Best Wishes
    Gayle X

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