If Scotland held the kitty..

There’s nothing worse than feeling hard done-by by your friends.

We’ve all been on a work night out and put our fair share into the kitty, yet felt that some folk took advantage with outrageously expensive drinks. Worst of all is the dreaded divvy up of a restaurant bill where you find yourself paying for your pal’s starter, top whack steak, pudding AND liqueur with coffee. And there you were, playing fair, picking the least expensive items on the menu.

Sadly, that’s how Westminster has treated everyone in Scotland.  For decades now, we’ve more than paid our way and not got our fair share back, to spend on our priorities.  Worse, since 2010, we’ve also had to put up with decisions made by a government we didn’t vote for and which are hitting us hard.

Take the financial crisis. You probably feel you’re working harder than ever, for standstill wages, struggling to make it all stretch further to meet rising food and fuel bills. The reason you feel like that is because you are.

A recent UK Government paper shows that the Scots are among the hardest working in the UK – we contribute more per person to overall UK wealth than most other nations and regions.  In fact, our hard work and economic output lays waste to the myth that Scotland couldn’t afford to be independent – we even manage to outperform successful small independent countries like Denmark and Finland.

But here’s the thing: they have more to show for their effort. Better pensions, less poverty, higher wages. We could have the same if we were in charge of the kitty. With control of all the wealth we generate, we could choose to spend it differently.

Answer the question, Should Scotland be an independent country, by voting yes on 18 September 2014 and we’d get the chance to do just that.


2 thoughts on “If Scotland held the kitty..

  1. Sadly, that’s how Westminster has treated everyone in Scotland.

    Sadly, that’s how Westminster has treated everyone in the UK – mostly.

    If the vote was only to determine a verdict on Westminster then I would be an out and out Yes man.

    Westminster needs reformed with or without Indy. If we* take the self determination step with an unreformed UK parliament in place, I fear the worst on many different fronts.

    Of course, that makes me a big feartie in the eyes of the dedicated. But even the holy grail of the McCrone report alludes to potential recriminations.

    Hope I’m totally wrong – and if I am I’d be the first to put my hands up – but the continuing polarisation of the debate so far certainly indicates, in a small way, the potential for social and economic catastrophe.


    * The Scots.

    • Longshanker. The only way to actually make a change at Westminster will be a YES vote. Of that I am totally convinced. Despite Labour’s 13 years in power when they had massive majorities and could have changed the system as they promised, they did nothing. There is NO desire in any of the three main UK parties to “upset the apple cart” and change a system that enables them to become individually extremely well off. (With apologies to the few MPs who seem to have more ethics and a desire to help their constituents). The system is broken and no one will change it willingly.

      But Scotland can change their bit. So we should vote NO and reconcile ourselves to further unwarranted austerity and neo-liberal, market centred policies that favour the “City” London and the SE England to the expense of everyone else? Why should Scots suffer when an alternative is possible.

      It is up to English, Welsh and NI voters to either elect MPs who will change, or to do what the SNP did and form a party for change and canvass, and work tirelessly to achieve change. It is not up to Scots to “rescue” the English from themselves. In any case the Scottish vote has only changed one election result since the war, so in fact the Scottish vote means nothing in the bigger picture.

      Scotland can and should look after itself first. Then it can and will support our family and neighbours in rUK. Let’s put our house in order so we can assist others. We can be the example or catalyst to real change if we are Independent. we can do nothing if we remain in a system where 90% of the players (Westminster MPs) are unwilling to move.

      There really is no other sensible choice.

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