Free to good homes: Glasgow 2014 tickets

Well, they didn’t open up a return and resale so here we are, sitting with tickets we cannot physically use and no way of giving them back.

So I’m happy to give them to you.  And yes they are free to good homes, though as the parents are pensioners these days, if you can afford to pay the face value for them, then your conscience probably dictates that you should.

But I’d really rather they went to folk who couldn’t afford to go otherwise. And the only people who will know you’ve asked for them is us, will be kept under wraps by me so please don’t feel you cannot apply for them. I’d be delighted if they go to families who really wouldn’t be going otherwise.

It’s a first come first served basis.  The only difficulty might be is that they are a funny mix – there are three concessions and only one adult.  There doesn’t seem to be a difference on the ticket between “seniors” and “children” – they cost the same – so anyone qualifying for a concession could take them.  Happy to split them up eg if a lone parent with two children or grandparents want to take a grandchild etc.

So here they are:

Monday 28 July:

Four tickets for Gymnastics in the SECC Hydro for the evening session 7pm to 9.30pm.  It’s team competition and individuals qualifying so should be good.  Three concessions, one adult.

Tuesday 29 July:

Four tickets for Badminton at the Emirates arena from 9am to 3pm. Three concessions, one adult.

Four tickets for Wrestling at the SECC from 10am to 2.30pm.  Three concessions, one adult.

Eight tickets for Table Tennis at the Scotstoun Sports Campus from 4pm to 9pm.  That’s six concessions and two adults.

If anyone would like them or just more info, please email me at I have the tickets and can post them out.  Happy for anyone from a charity working with families who might benefit to get in touch (if they don’t all go by Tuesday, I’ll be contacting the one I work for to offer them up). Happy to cover postage costs too.

Just to reiterate, this is not about making money or even our money back (though see above) it’s about making sure as many seats are filled as possible, enabling families who might not otherwise get to go and experience the Commonwealth Games on their doorstep and to ensure our Games are a huge success.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who retweeted and shared this blog post.  All the tickets are now gone.  The majority are going to Arden community youth project in the East End of Glasgow, so some of the children for whom these Games are supposed to provide a legacy, get to go.  It’s a shame the Games organisers didn’t think to give them free access, for I can think of no better home for my tickets.