Women for Independence National Day of Action

WfI voter reg day

All around Scotland today, Women for Independence will be reaching out to other women – particularly those whom traditional politics has found easy to ignore.  Our aim is simple.  To encourage more of them to register to vote in Scotland’s referendum on 18 September.

There are women, especially in marginalised communities, who have never voted.  Never seen the point.  Politics is something done to them, in which they feel they have little stake or little chance to influence things.  But when the referendum is explained, that it is not a vote for a party or a politician, but a vote for themselves, their families, their future and Scotland’s future, they get it.  And tend to sign up.

And while Women for Independence’s key aim is to encourage more women to vote Yes in the referendum, the grassroots movement for women, by women is also about enabling more women to participate in the debate, to make their voice heard.  The simplest and most obvious way of doing that is by voting on 18 September.

With just under a month to go until voter registration closes, it’s vital that more women are reached.  Today, local Women for Independence groups will be out in cities, towns and communities all over Scotland – why not pop along and give them a hand.

Find out what’s on in your area at the website and the Facebook page