Fringe Firsts

There are so many good things on at the Edinburgh Festivals this year loosely and not so loosely themed around the Referendum.

I’m not sure I’m one of them.

But if you ever wanted to hear me witter in person and not just on here…

All Back to Bowie’s is David Greig’s brilliant idea and is a wondrous gallimaufry of opinion, chat, poetry, music and polemic. It has a stellar line up appearing every day in the Yurt in St Andrew’s Square from 12 noon to 1pm.

Tomorrow I’ll be the one Unwashed and more than Slightly Dazed, on a discussion panel about campaigning with Stephen Noon and Brian Cox.  Yes, THE Brian Cox.  Which means I might be speechless, for once.  Also appearing are the wonderful Cora Bissett, Kirstin Innes, Sam Small and David Greig himself.  No, I’m not sure how I got invited either…

And I’m also appearing in Suffragette City on 20 August.  Talking about wimmin in the referendum, no doubt.  I’ll be the one being the *total blam-blam*.

Not content with this little lot, I’m also taking part in the Scottish Parliament’s Festival of Politics on Saturday 15 August in the session on Political Strategy chaired by Henry McLeish, former First Minister and Labour MSP, from 1.30 to 3pm.  I’ll mainly be talking about the engagement of young adults in this referendum campaign, linking to the book wot I wrote, but also no doubt, straying into all things gendered too.  Every year, the Festival of Politics develops and there are always so many great sessions and events, some of them free. This year, it has an amazing line-up of pointy heids worth listening to (I’m not one of them). Worth including in your Fest diary, for sure.

Talking of The Book, I’ll also be at Luath Press’s Referendum Fest which runs from 18 to 22 August at the Quaker Meeting House just off Johnston Terrace. My session is on Friday 22 August (just before the rather excellent Michael Keating and one-time bloggery pal Malcolm Harvey – if you fancied making an afternoon of it…).

Luath Press is one of Scotland’s foremost independent book publishers, giving space to proper authors and folk like me alike to get a range of perspectives and issues out there. They will also no doubt be at the Book Festival and some of their wares on sale in the Book Festival store – well worth a browse and a purchase or two.

And if you’d rather see and hear some real talent, try Alan Bissett’s the Pure, the Dead and the Brilliant at the Assembly Rooms; National Collective at the Storytelling Centre; Bella Caledonia and Scottish PEN on 20 August at the Saltire Society with an afternoon of events on the theme of A Public Press; either or both versions of 3000 Trees; or David Hayman in the Pitiless Storm, also at the Assembly Rooms.

I’ve been to the first and it was indeed, pure dead brilliant. Am hoping to catch some of the rest – maybe see some of you there, or even at one of mine, before I retreat back to the doorsteps for the last, big heave to independence.






2 thoughts on “Fringe Firsts

  1. Hi Kate,
    Enjoyed your contribution to the show at the yurt today, and was impressed by Stephen and Brian too. I was trying to be first out when you caught up with me and gave me the leaflets. Hadn’t seen the Women for Independence one which I am about to read.
    Good luck with your campaigning, but from what you said a chaperone might not go amiss!

    • Thanks Seanair – be sure to pass the leaflet on to an undecided woman you know!

      A chaperone might be a good idea though the offers would dry up…

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