Stanley Odd: Son, I Voted Yes

Monday was a long day.  In fact, I can no longer remember what I did, when I did it.

Yesterday was longer.  It finished around 11.30 following a last dash to complete the #freedomride that had begun at 9am on the bus, with the first two folk registered to vote, ten signed up by 10am, over 100 by the finish line.

By this stage in the day, I’m like a wee burst baw.  Eyes smarting, legs hurting, beyond tired, beyond hungry.

This morning, I felt strung out.  The simplest task seemed awfy hard.  The clock ticking, places to be, people to see and stuck in the house trying to remember what it was I needed to do before I could leave.

And yet, today was spent talking to voters, in good company, in great fettle.  Because we’re all in the same place. I’m not even doing nearly as much as many others in this Yes campaign – there are folk doing way more than me, giving their all and then some.  They’re great people to spend your days and evenings with.

They’re just long days and we’re all feeling it. Tick Tock. The countdown to our day with destiny.

No one wants to wake up on the 19th (or rather arrive at the 19th – few of us will actually have been to bed) and wish if only I’d done a wee bit more, if I’d only I’d visited that house again, if only I’d leafleted one more time, had one more conversation, given another hour, an extra day.

All plates are spinning furiously, some have already crashed.  And before I try to pick them up, I decided to give myself a moment.

A moment to sit still.  To pause.  To ponder.

And in doing so, I discovered this.  And it reminded me why.  As it should.

Because we all need to remind ourselves – and be reminded – why.  And who.  And what for.

It is majestic.  Pushes all the right buttons.  Says all the right things in all the right places.  And it’s good, very good.

Listen, buy and listen again. Share it, retweet it and like it like crazy.  In fact, I defy you not to love it.  And greet a wee bit too.

Bravo Stanley Odd, bravo.

“Son I just wrote this
I thought you might like to know
That I chose to vote Yes
‘Cause a Yes vote provided hope
What the future’s holdin’
No-one can rightly know
Was tired of the same old script
And what’s next only time will show”



One thought on “Stanley Odd: Son, I Voted Yes

  1. ‘I wish that for just one time, you could stand inside my shoes’ But it’s certainly not a drag to be here – I really had no idea until a few days ago. So in the first place, good to meet you.

    It’s quite the craze. I’ll need to start making videos myself…

    I liked this video above first time I heard it – it’s great, But, if directly addressed, it’s patronising: ‘Son?’ and I know the facts already. But it’s beautifully played and sung. Amazement? Not quite, but the author was right about one thing – the greeting. And as I say, the song and the music I did enjoy.

    I had and continue to have every right to write whatever I please (though publishing, as I’ve learnt, is something to be far more careful about). They weren’t political songs anyway, though I should have kept them off the internet. Apart from a clumsy attempt at The Times They are a’ Changin’, which I retract.

    Nobody has ownership over the independence debate of course. For over a year, I’ve thought about, then hoped for and lately had a growing sense of confidence in Scotland as a a country that will become independent. I come from a Labour background and that stayed with me a while, but I did the research. I too believe in a progressive country, with plenty to draw from but an abundance of fresh ideas to bring us forward. Hardly breaking new ground here, but these are facts

    We have our traditions of course, and our innovators and some that are somewhere in-between, or busy with other things. Looks like the in-between bit’s where I’ve landed – where extremes meet. I guess I’ll just have to keep on keepin’ on.

    All the best,


    p.s – Is that really the Samaritans’ number? None of this has sunk in yet.

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