A Flutter on Friday 5 August

Something old…

Back from the jollies, and a grand time was had by all.  Except for the laptop, which appears to have died on us, either through heat stroke or more likely, as a result of a power surge following a cut.  Good job the Big Yin left his behind then, complete with dodgy ‘n’.

While we were away, the Boy Wonder chicklet celebrated his eighth birthday.  I’m still trying to get my head around how he got this big this fast.   While musing – as I do everyday – what I did to deserve such a wonder in my life.  So, by way of belated celebrations, a few tracks that remind me of him, or that he likes himself.  Oh yes, one of his many talents is his stunningly good musical taste.  JLS aside….

Mr Brightside – Killers

Orange Blossom Special – Johnny Cash

Seventeen – Kings of Leon

500 miles – the Proclaimers

Drowning Man – Fanfarlo

Human – Killers

I gotta feeling – Black Eyed Peas

Hey little bird – I am Kloot

Dominos – the Big Pink

Heart skipped a beat – the XX

…something new

A fab wee summery shimmery track from Forest Fire, free to download courtesy of Insound.  Which also has the free August mixtape if you grab it fast. 

Something borrowed…

The surprise package from the summer reading list was something dusted off from the shelves.  I parked Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood there for a rainy day and promptly forgot about it.  But I’m delighted to have found it again, though it requires judicious application and consideration.  The complex concept requires a slow and steady perusal and that too is welcome.  I’ll post about it, I’m sure, once I’ve got my head round it all.

The heat of the night led to a lot of early rises on holiday, perfect for perching on the balcony with a book, or just a big pot of coffee to see in the dawn.  I’d forgotten that in more southerly climes, there’s no gloaming nor loaming either.  Much later than in Scotland, dark fades to grey, pausing briefly before full light flickers on.  Hot follows swiftly thereafter.  Bizarrely it all reminded me of this summer poem by William Morris:

Summer Dawn

Pray but one prayer for me ‘twixt thy closed lips,
Think but one thought of me up in the stars.
The summer night waneth, the morning light slips,
Faint and grey ‘twixt the leaves of the aspen, betwixt the cloud-bars
That are patiently waiting there for the dawn:
Patient and colourless, though Heaven’s gold
Waits to float through them along with the sun.
Far out in the meadows, above the young corn,
The heavy elms wait, and restless and cold
The uneasy wind rises; the roses are dun;
Through the long twilight they pray for the dawn,
Round the lone house in the midst of the corn,
Speak but one word to me over the corn,
Over the tender, bow’d locks of the corn.

…something blue

This.  Please give.  And then give some more.


A Flutter on Friday 22 July

Something old….

Ta da!  A new look!  Thought as the blog is nearly a year old, a wee freshen up was in order.

Also, I am having a bit of a ding dong with the (mostly) goodly folks at WordPress over the indiscriminate application of adverts to my blog posts.  So I thought a bit of subterfuge might be in order to escape their all-seeing eye.

I don’t mind them attaching adverts – they have to make money out of this very generous enterprise somehow – but I do object a) to not being able to see what they attach cos usually I visit my own site while logged in and b) not having any say over what they attach to my posts.  Thus, last week, a matter of no small embarrassment, an advert promoting off-shore banking – as if I’d approve – featured on this post.  Not good.

I could just pay the annual fee to have no adverts but I don’t think that’s really the point.  I wonder how long they’ll take to track me down – I’m a burd on the run.

But it’s not the only reason for a refurb.  A wee bit of colour in wir lives is a welcome thing, and I do think purple suits me.

I’m liking my new blog clothes and hope you do too.

Something new – Airborne Toxic Event

Run me down – the Black Keys

Head on a Spike – the Bluetones

…something new

Oh yes, lots of shiny, new things for you flutterers today.

A new album from the Roadside Graves is always a cause for celebration and it’s been downloaded already.  A song called Hank Williams is the current favourite – to hear it, you’ll have to go buy yer own! – but until it is released far and wide, a wee visit to Mad Mackerel will get you a couple of free downloads off the album.  I like these too, funnily enough.

AND a wee nugget from Delta Spirit – a free download of Devil knows You’re Dead,  released as part of their Friday Night Lights series.

AND a new track from We were promised Jetpacks – an utterly outstanding choon that augurs well for their sophomore album.

AND thanks to Mark LaMacq’s Roundtable on Radio 6 last night  that entertained me while ironing, this from Bombay Bicycle Club , this from Crystal Fighters – been around for a while, now out as a single, and a perfect slice of pop for bright sunny days  and this from the Dennis Hopper Choppers, which has wired itself in my brain, where it is likely to stay for a very long time, and possibly all the way to choons of the year.  It’s the voice I think, sends shivers and all that.

Finally, something I found on one of those mazy click-through journeys.  A great site called Gravy and Biscuits  – somewhere else for me to while away the hours in avoidance of domestic chores.   It has a wee niche page called Up and Coming, and nestled in there, I stumbled upon a band called Crank Shaft and the Gear Grinders.  Top class name for a band making joyful music.  Old style with a new twist producing a surprisingly modern sound that is guaranteed to make you smile.  And maybe even shimmy your hips a little.

Something borrowed…

This time next week, I will be celebrating the chicklet’s birthday, hopefully with a wee dip in the pool, a sandcastle at the beach, and a big ice cream sundae with sparkler things in it.  Sunnier climes beckons and I can’t wait to just sit and do nothing and soak up the sun and the goodness of all that vitamin E.

Compiling a holiday reading list is always taxing (for this burd anyhow) and at one point I was at risk of having to pay Ryanair major spondoolicks to get all my books on board.   Sense prevailed and I narrowed it down (as well as making a mental note to purchase a Kindle).  Surprises?  None, really.  I’m being remarkably conformist and conventional.  First time for everything….

I’m almost as excited about the books as I am the holiday.

1.  Andrea Levy – the Long Song

2. Ali Smith – There but for The

3.  Mark Oliver Everett – Things the Grandchildren should Know

4.  Andrew Nicoll – The Love and Death of Caterina

5. James Roberston – And the Land Lay Still (yep, possibly the only person in Scotland yet to read it – sometimes I revel in being behind the curve)

6. And a wildcard, which will suggest itself in the shop, crying pick me, pick me.  Or it will if it’s in the 3 for 2 offers….

And yes, I will read them all in a week.

….something blue

The new football season has arrived.  It used to herald autumn but now appears to signal the arrival of swallows.  I’m still debating whether or not to do more football this year.

On the plus side, Killie didn’t disgrace themselves, a few good signings over the summer augurs well, and Dunfermline being back in the top flight gives us Embra Killie fans another potential “home game”. And the chicklet will now sit through a whole match with minimal wriggling:  thankfully, the play on the field has become as attention grabbing as the poke of sweeties in his pocket.

On the down side, the cost.  Like everyone, here in the eyrie, we are feeling the pinch and just being mindful of the need to watch spending, as things are likely to get tighter still.  A day out at the fitba bursts a very big hole in a hundred pounds, taking into account petrol, lunch, a pint and a juice, and of course the tickets.  And frankly I’m not sure it’s worth it anymore.

I wonder how many others will be thinking likewise and what clubs will be doing to stem the loss of supporters?

The Undertones – When Saturday Comes 

A Flutter on Friday 15 July

something old….

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray, Oh and the chicklet is heading home, oh yes he is… today!

One leaves, the other returns and my empty nest syndrome is no more.  Oh joy.

I’m not much good at the single life.  Who knew?  All that wishing for some space and some peace and when I get it, I pine.  Still that’s it over for another year.  Thank goodness.

The X-Certs Just Go Home

Musee Mecanique Like Home

Thin Lizzy the Boys are back in town  (or at least one of them is)

…something new

Mad Mackerel has had a make over and very nice it is too.

Thankfully, the quality of music is just the same.  Fab.  So, go and browse and try and then buy.

Two gems to share with you – this from the Jacuzzi Boys,  Cool Vapor  and a quite outstanding live video performance from Suuns Gaze

Something borrowed….

J’aime le Tour.  Not just a little bit, a huge enormous bit.  And now we are in the mountains and the big boys have come out to play.

Ah where to begin?  Well, how about with wee Mark Cavendish, whose thighs are almost as broad as he is tall.  He is fast heading for a record-breaking numbers of stage wins.  Gone is the puppy fat, some of the churlishness, none of the determination nor star quality.  And he is still as entertainingly honest in interviews.

Then there are the crashes, some of them utterly spectacular and terrifying.  Broken bones, barbed wire wounds requiring stitches, concussion, bruises, cuts, oh and did I mention the broken bones?  These boys are hard as nails.  Knocked off the road by a car?  Two days’ rest then it’s back on the bike.

On Tuesday, David Millar limped home at the tail of the peloton, battered after two crashes, utterly spent.  A day later and he’s leading the train in the final kilometre, head down, pumping furiously, reaching 80km an hour, trying to set up victory for his team’s young sprinter Tyler Farrar.  If ever a man deserved a stage win and a little glory it’s Millar.

Which is why I’m taking the pops to hear him talk about his life at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August.  Only 35 he’s lived it twice over and will make for fascinating company.

Le Tour is only half way through, and if you’ve never watched, please do seek it out on ITV4.  There is no greater sporting spectacle.

…something blue

Regular readers might have noticed I’ve been blogging light recently.  I’m supposed to have been doing other stuff like decorating and managing to avoid that too.

Excuses?  A few, all too boring to detail.  But definitely in need of a wee break.  So expect it to get lighter still, but only for the summer.  And if there’s nothing here of interest, visit some of the very fine blogs on the roll.  Plenty to keep you amused, and to disagree with, I’m sure.

the Ettes – Chilled Hidebound Hearts